Find It Awkward To Start A Conversation? This Post Can Help

February 25, 2020 413 views

How to Start and Keep a Conversation Going

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you want to get a conversation going, but don’t know what to say? These situations often occur when you are trying to start a conversation with someone you just met or someone you know but are not close to; the quietness can be awkward!

So what do you do?

Is it a good idea to start talking about your interests, your day, or your life? You could take this approach, but you’re probably going to bore the other person! Remember, the point is to start and keep a conversation going.

The key to getting a conversation going is to talk about the other person, not yourself!

How To Get Someone You Just Met To Talk About Themselves

To get someone to open up to a conversation, don’t start with personal questions, start simple!

Start with something like the following:

Refer to something that’s happening at the moment.
For example, “Can you believe this weather?”

Then, you can give your opinion about the situation before asking the other person’s opinion.
For example, “It’s hot out here; I love the heat but not this much! Do you like the heat?”

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