Use This Collection of Resources To Stay Positive Around Negative People

March 3, 2019 153 views

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10 Tips To Stay Positive Around Negative People

1. TEMPORARILY Step into their shoes to see what someone negative is experiencing Once you know what they are experiencing the rest of these tips may make more sense

2. When you are associating with A Negative Person Use it as an opportunity to Build Your Positive Mental Muscles – If you can stay positive around Negative people How much more positive will you be around positive people?

3. Don’t buy into someone else’s negativity – Just because someone else is negative don’t get drawn in

4. Look At The Positive In Negative Situations

5. Set Your Focus on What’s good in your life

6. Find Humor in in a negative situation, a hardy laugh will reduce the negativity.

7. Don’t take everything to heart, People have a right to their thoughts but they don’t have to bring you down.

8. Keep in mind it’s not your job to fix other people’s situation – You don’t have to be someone else’s problem solver.

9. Create positive affirmations

10. Create distance between you and the negative Person

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