Use These Unique Resources To Reduce Negativity In Your Life

June 8, 2020 495 views

How To Stop Being Negative

Being a negative person has a few benefits but has many disadvantages.
For example, when you’re negative, you’re always focused on the worst-case scenario. On the other hand, you don’t just jump into things, and you’re very cautious, which can protect you. You can still be positive without losing your “Street Smarts.” You can always perform your due diligence and make smart decisions.

Below are four areas of your life being affected by negativity:

1. Hurting Those Around You

You are probably hurting the people around you because of your negativity, including; family, friends, and co-workers.

Even though they care for you, your negativity is making your relationship difficult for them. They won’t tell you because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. They may dread talking to you or spending time with you because you’re so negative.

2. Resistance

When you’re negative, you have a lot of resistance. You become the “No” person. I don’t feel like going out, watching a movie, hang out today, etc. There’s little you can enjoy in life. There’s little you see in life, and there could be many opportunities you’re missing.

3. Health

You can also be hurting your health. When we’re happy, your brain gives out something called endorphins. These chemicals are good for the cells of your body while giving you feelings of happiness, think of them as feel-good vitamins. When you’re always negative, you’re depriving yourself of endorphins.

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