Here’s a List of Resources to Show You How to Touch Type

May 26, 2018 479 views

Improving Your Typing Skills

Included in this post is a collection of hand-picked articles and resources related to touch typing, but first, a few brief points to consider.

I have been typing for over 30 years and only recently started to touch type. I never wanted to go through the typing tutors, every time I see one I get a knot in my stomach.

One day my nephew told me I should touch type. He said it’s great once your hands are in position and you practice the key locations your good to go.

I tried it and could type without looking. I guess over the years my fingers knew the location of the keys on the keyboard.

It makes a big difference when you touch-type; you become faster with experience and you can catch errors while typing.


Have a look at the resources below that will help you touch-type, don’t wait 30 years as I did, start practicing today!

How To Touch Type

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Touch Typing Online Lessons

Typing Practice

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Benefits of Being A Quick Typer

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Why is it important to touch-type?

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