Use the Power of Lists to Improve Your Productivity Now

June 10, 2018 582 views

Here’s How You Can Benefit From Lists

I’m a huge believer in the power of making lists. Creating a list is a powerful tool that will help you see things clearly.

Making a list forces you to think and allows you to see the big picture. If you try to create new ideas, you would be wasting brainpower on remembering your thoughts. Plus, you can’t organize and simplify the information the way you can when using a list.

What can you use a list for? Here are some examples:
  • Generating new ideas.
  • Altering your feelings about someone or a situation.
  • Making a decision.
  • Answering a question.
  • Solving a problem.
Here are a few examples of the kinds of lists you can make:

Below are a few tips that will help you build great lists. These tips don’t apply to all list types, especially those you create on the fly, like a shopping list. The tips below are beneficial when it comes to lists that are for new ideas, planning, and changing the way you feel about someone, something, or a situation.

Decide What To Create Your List On

You can use a pen and notebook, your favorite word processor, your phone, cue cards, etc. It doesn’t really matter what you use, as long as it works for you. I like to use word processors because it’s easy to print, update, and store.

Invest The Time Required

Take the time to make your list. A good list requires time and thinking, so don’t rush it. You can make your list in stages. You can start today, tomorrow, or the next day. This gives you time to reflect, gives your mind time to come up with more ideas.

Do Some Research

Once you’re done building your list, you can also do some research online to see if any new ideas might be missing.

Force Your Mind To Come Up With Ideas

a.) Take 15 to 20 minutes to complete this exercise.

b.) At the top of your list, write down your list topic.

c.) Write numbers from 1 to 20.

d.) You’re not allowed to get up unless you finish the 20 items on your list. When you do this, you’re forcing your brain to come up with ideas. You may experience that the first few, say from 1 to 9, will come easily.

When it’s time to come up from 10 to 20, you may find you’re really struggling, but these are the gems for your list. These are the things that really get your mind working to come up with great ideas.

Keep in mind, you can adjust the numbers from 1-20. It can be from 1-10, 1-15, etc. The longer your list, the more your brain has to dig, and the more digging, the better the ideas.

Store Your List

Sometimes you won’t always need your list. You may need it a week from now or a year from now. It’s a good idea to store your list in one place, where you can always access them.

Make building a list a habit, and you’ll experience how much your organizational skills have improved, and the number of ideas you can come up with.