Vacation Preparation Tips From An Overseas Traveler

The first thing you have to do when you take a vacation is to let go. I find that if I go on vacation, the hardest part about trying to relax is my mind is still focused on work.

The purpose of the vacation is to get away from your current routine and enjoy yourself, relax, and have some new experiences.

Your first step is to prepare long before you’re departure date. Without preparation, you’ll always be thinking about issues while you’re on vacation, or you could get messages from work as well as come back to a pile of unfinished matters.

Who will cover your work for you?

Decide who will take over for you. Make sure that person is willing and competent enough to do the job. If you choose the right person, you’ll be more relaxed while you’re away. If you choose the wrong person, you might return to a lot of problems. If your boss decides who will be covering for you, then it’s out of your hands, and there’s no use worrying about it.


You will need some form of communication in case there’s an emergency

Make sure that your cell phone plan allows for roaming in the area where you’re vacationing. Sure, it’s nice to get away and have no one contact you, but what if there’s an emergency, and you need to contact someone, or someone needs to contact you?


You might want to let your bank or credit card company know what your travel plans are and where you’ll be traveling because, with today’s enhanced security, your credit card sometimes won’t go through if you’re in a different country or state. You might also want to bring a backup card just in case.

You might want to pay a few bills in advance if you’re going to be gone for a while and can’t access online banking while on vacation.


Before you travel, you want to make sure that you have the proper visas to get into the countries you will be visiting. You might also want to check out your government’s travel website. For Example, US citizens will go to


Look into the cost of travel insurance; the last thing you want is to have an accident and incur medical expenses that are not covered by your local healthcare provider.


You may want to email yourself a copy of your driver’s license, health insurance card, passport, credit cards, and airline tickets, in case you lose them. This way, you can log in to your email from any computer or phone and get a copy of the documents.

Additionally, you can keep a print-out of the above documents and cards; then, you have a hardcopy and digital copies. Be very careful with these documents; they are sensitive because they contain your identity; you don’t want them falling into the wrong hands.


From my experience, check your luggage and carry-on; all you need to carry on the plane is anything you can’t afford to lose. It’s so much better than lugging all your stuff around in the airport, especially if you have multiple connecting flights.

Make sure you label your luggage with a way to contact you, also you may want to tie a distinctively colored ribbon on the handle to help you quickly identify your luggage as it’s traveling on the conveyor.

Connecting Flights

When you book a flight with connections, make sure you have enough time between them.

Planes can be late, which may result in missing your next flight. I would rather have a one to three-hour layover than cutting it close. You are on vacation; you don’t need to be stressed if your flight is running late. During your waiting time, many airports have a lot of things you can do, such as dining, shopping, etc.

Research Your Destination

There may be areas and events that are not the main attraction that may interest you. By researching your destination, you may uncover some great places and things to do.


If you are on any medication, you want to make sure you have more than enough for the duration of your vacation. Also, make sure they are in their original containers with clear labels. You’ll also want to take several off-the-shelf medications for traveling. See the resources at the end of the page for more.


You’ll want to check with customs to see what you can’t bring back. Many items are prohibited, and you don’t want to lug around items all the way home to find out you can’t bring it into the country.

Now that you’re prepared for your vacation and have everything in place for work coverage, it’s time to relax and enjoy your time on holiday. One of the main things I discovered is enjoying “time in the moment,” and taking in all the great sites you’ll be visiting.

See the resources below for an abundance of tips you can use while traveling.


How To Make The Most Out of Your Vacation

It’s time for a vacation, and in North America, you don’t get a lot of them, so when you do get one, you’ll want to make the most of it.

In this section, I have researched a few sites that offer tips and advice for making the most out of your vacation.

Have a look well in advance of booking your holiday so you can make plans accordingly.

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Useful Travel Tips

In addition to the tips mentioned at the beginning of this article, I have included a few sites I think would be helpful to ensure you have all the issues you may encounter on your trip.

Take some time to browse through the websites and take notes for the essential issues that may apply to your travels.

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Medication Traveling and Flying

In this section, you’ll find a unique collection of resources that deal with issues like, what type of medication you can take while traveling, the best off-the-shelf medication, and what to be aware of when on medication while traveling.

See the list of sites I have included for this section.

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Travel Checklist

When you are ready to go on vacation, many times you can’t remember everything you need to bring with you, what you need to book, and what you need to take care of before you leave. That’s why I would recommend a checklist. I like to use them because once you have all the items on the list checked off, you can relax and not worry about it.

Below you’ll find a collection of useful web pages with a travel checklist.

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