Do You Show Signs of Victim Mentality? Find out Here

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A Collection of Web Pages About Victim Mentality

Understanding the Victim Mentality

Dr. Paula Durlofsky lends her insight to the victim mentality, coping with its effects and moving on with confidence.

All of us have felt victimized at some point or another in our lives. At these times we may feel taken advantage of, wronged by another person and/or circumstance, or that life is simply just unfair.

The victim stance is a powerful one—the victim believes he or she is always morally right, is not responsible or accountable for their actions, and is entitled to sympathy from others…More at

The Victim Mentality – What it Is and Why You Have It

Are you always the victim in life? It might be that you are using victimisation to gain power and control without realising it. Why do we play the victim?

By: Walter Watzpatzkowski

Having a a ‘victim mentality’ means you blame your challenges in life on others around you, even if you can’t prove their negative actions.

You might also blame many things on circumstances, which you see as always unfair.

Bad things can happen in life. You might be the victim of a crime, such as fraud or even sexual assault. In such a case you have every right to feel that things were out of your control, because they were, and any thought that it’s somehow your fault and you are responsible is erroneous thinking…More at