How Bounce Rates Can Affect Your Rankings

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Understanding bounce rate in Google Analytics • Yoast

Bounce rate, what does it mean and is it a bad thing when it’s high? Annelieke helps you understand your bounce rate in Google Analytics.

“I came, I puked, I left” is a very famous definition of the bounce rate by Avinash Kaushik. But what does it mean exactly?

When does a visitor bounce?…More at

Reduce Bounce Rate in Google Analytics through these 11 powerful methods

The number 1 way to optimize your website conversion rate is by asking the right questions.

Why is my conversion rate so low?

That is a wrong question.

Why is my bounce rate so high?

That is the right question.

Your conversion rate is low because majority of people come and leave your website without completing the actions/goals you desired (like making a purchase)…More at

Google Analytics Bounce Rate (actually) Demystified

Bounce Rate is a key performance indicator that is often misunderstood and taken out of context. Learn about some common missteps that people make when…

Great stuff. Thanks for that. I always point out to clients the context of the webpage. If your conversion pages have bad bounce rates or exit rates – time to improve…More at

Understanding Bounce Rate & How to Audit It

Learn the truth about bounce rate and why it’s not as straightforward as you might think. Also, learn how to conduct a bounce rate audit and improve website engagement.

Many people talk about how important it is to have a “low bounce rate.”

But bounce rate is one of the most misunderstood metrics in digital marketing…More at

Understanding Bounce Rate and Session Duration in Google Analytics – WebCraft Tools

After digging through Google documentation and the writing of Justin Cutroni, the Analytics Advocate at Google, I’ve put together what hopefully is a pretty simple and clear explanation of how the bounce rate and session duration metrics work.

You’ll find that below, and hopefully it will help you get more value from your Google Analytics data! …More at