How To Getting Backlinks – The Backbone of Higher Search Rankings

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Getting Backlinks

To get a complete overview of getting backlinks, I have selected a few resources found further below in the post.

Before, getting to the resources here are a few points I will briefly go over related to getting backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors regarding search engine optimization.

To understand the system better, think of links from one web page to another as a voting system. The more backlinks a page receives, the higher it will rise in the SERPs (search engines results page.)

You need to keep in mind the quality of the link is very important. If you have a page with thousands of links pointing to it, it may be outranked by a page that has one link pointing to it. The page with the one link may be very high quality, opposed to the page within thousands of low-quality links.

Imagine getting a link from the home page of CNN; your page will rank high in the search engines and outrank other pages with more links pointing to them. It’s quality that counts.

Search engines hate link manipulation. They don’t like schemes and tactics for getting thousands of links. What they want is natural links, that is people linking to your web page because they like it and find it interesting, not because you created a link campaign to get people to link to your web page.

Like I mentioned earlier, think of link building as a voting system; the search engines want real votes.

Below you’ll find resources that will guide you in creating a process to get links to your webpages.

Resources Pages:

Each of the following sections includes articles and resource pages from a variety of authors to give you an overview of getting backlinks.

Sections Included In This Post:

  • Backlinks Overview
  • Are Backlinks Important?
  • How To Get Quality Backlinks
  • The Latest About Backlinks

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