Is PageRank Dead? See What These People Are Saying

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A Collection of Web Pages About PageRank

Is PageRank Dead?

I have included a collection of webpages I found interesting and useful related to Google PageRank. Going through the pages will improve your knowledge, but first, a few brief points to consider.

PageRank was the key to Google’s success in the early days of the web. An overview of the way it works is if someone links to your web page it’s viewed as an endorsement or vote.

The value of the link depends on where it comes from. A link from CNN is much more valuable than a link from, A Touch of Business, because of the popularity of CNN.

Today there are over 250 factors that affect the Google ranking algorithm. In the early days PageRank was the most important, today it is still important but with 250 factors you need more than just links for a decent listing in the SERPs

Have a look at the articles included in this post for more on Google’s PageRank.

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