Best Practices When It Comes To The Meta Description Tag

December 20, 2017 175 views

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This page has a collection of resources dedicated to understanding and using the meta description tag.

In the early days of the web, the meta description tag was an important part of ranking in the search engines.

Today the meta description tag is no longer used as a search ranking signal.

Today the purpose of the meta description tag is, it should have an accurate description of the page and should be written so the user will want to click on the search engine listing.

Over the years not much has changed regarding the meta description tag. In late December 2017, there was a change in character length from 160 characters to 300 characters. This gives you the advantage of writing longer descriptions.

Have a look at the resources below for best practices for using the meta description tag:

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Meta Description Examples

Below is a collection of web pages I found useful that offer examples for using the meta description tag.

By studying these examples you’ll be able to come up with a style that works best for your website.

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Meta Description Generator

Meta description generators are tools you can use to format the HTML code for your website.

Note if you’re using a CMS like WordPress you really don’t need a meta-description generator. In case you do I have listed meta description generator utilities below.

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