Switch to https Without Downtime, Lost Links, or Rankings

January 8, 2018 648 views

A Selection of Articles Related to Switching From http to https

If your website is using http and you want to use https, there are some very important steps you want to take.

All your pages are currently listed as http in the search engines. If you switch to https and someone clicks on a search engine listing to your page, they will get a 404-page error or Page not found. You need to redirect everything from http to https.

If you find the techniques out of your comfort zone, you can contact support for help. You need your web host to install the SSL certificate anyway, so they may help you with the redirect.

I have listed a few articles below that will help you make the switch from http to https quick and painless.

Have a look at the tips these articles have to offer.

How to Switch to httpS on WordPress in 5 Minutes

Guide: Converting Your Site From http to httpS

http to httpS: An SEO’s guide to securing a website

Moving your website to httpS / SSL: tips & tricks

How To Add an SSL Certificate

If your server is unmanaged and you have control over it, you can install an SSL Certificate. If your website is hosted on a managed hosting plan contact support so they can install the certificate for you.

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