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Understanding the Difference between LinkedIn Company Pages and Facebook Fan Pages | Social Media Today

You could say that a fan page provides details about a company in the “info” section, but this is not the primary way that people are introduced to a company or its page.

Rather, the ability for ‘fans’ to ‘like’ a page and then engage with it is what has allowed for the viral spread of information to flow through networks of Facebook friends…More at

How to Create A Company Page on LinkedIn

Create a LinkedIn Company Page – Build Your Business Presence | LinkedIn

Promote your LinkedIn Company Page by linking to it from your emails, newsletters, blogs, and other marketing channels.

Add a “Follow” button to your website, so it’s simple for visitors to click and follow your Company Page. Create a Company Page follow button…More at

How To Create A Business Page On LinkedIn To Attract More Followers

Company pages help other users learn more about your business and the services you offer. By adding a company page, you can also educate them on the benefits of your products or services.

Before you can create your own company page, you must have a personal LinkedIn profile. You must also ensure that your company doesn’t already have a page on LinkedIn and that you yourself…More at

How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page to Promote Your Business: Social Media Examiner

In this article, you’ll find out how to create a LinkedIn company page to promote your business.

Discover how to create a LinkedIn Company Page to promote your business…More at

10 Steps to Create a LinkedIn Company Page

While Facebook is generally considered the best social network for business-to-consumer companies to interact with consumers (learn how to create a Facebook Company Page), the millions of professionals are consumers, too.

That means there is certainly success to be found for business-to-consumer companies on LinkedIn as well…More at

How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page

You may have heard that a LinkedIn Company Page is not the most effective way to generate leads or business on LinkedIn.

I myself have written about this very fact comparing the effectiveness of a LinkedIn personal profile vs a Company Page…More at