All You Need To Know About A Facebook Account On One Page

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A Collection of Web Pages About Managing Your Facebook Account

Create an Account | Facebook Help Center | Facebook

Read these basic FAQs to learn more about creating an account on Facebook: Does it cost money to use Facebook? Is it true that Facebook is going to…More at

Protect your privacy online: How to set up Facebook’s privacy settings | BT

But if you are not careful, complete strangers can view your photos, location, family and even relationship status.

You may even unwittingly be sharing personal information with brands.[Read more: How to make your own GIFs on Facebook…More at

Secure your Facebook account in six easy steps – CNET

Wouldn’t you rather spend your time on Facebook sharing pictures of your fast-food lunch or watching videos of grumpy cats?

If so, you can skip scrolling through screen after screen of shag-carpet text and instead zip through this six-step Facebook privacy refresher…More at