Is Facebook Working For You? Here’s A List of Facebook Analytics Tools

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Top 20 Facebook Analytics Tools for Marketers

Hashtag Analytics and Social Media Marketing A range of Facebook analytics tools compete for the same market, forcing marketers and community managers to decide between similar products…More at

Top 15 Free and Paid Facebook Analytics Tools

Social listening and analytics Data communications platform Instant audience insights Customer stories from Walmart, Kellogg’s, ESPN and more.

In-depth social data research and sector analysis Best practice advice on using social listening…More at

The Best Facebook Analytics Tools of 2017

There are many social media channels out there, but few can rival Facebook for its potential as a business-generating platform.

In fact, 62% of marketers say they would pick Facebook over any other social media platform available, making a search for the best Facebook analytics tools essential…More at

Facebook analytics tools – 7 Alternatives to Facebook Insights

The amount of people you reach through your Facebook page is continuously decreasing so you need to consider every option to make sure that you reach more people than your competitors.

There are also some tools that provide analytics as part…More at

Facebook Analytics | Sprout Social

Discover What Resonates with Your Fans
Identify your best content and understand how it is being shared throughout the Facebook ecosystem.

View a snapshot of your content mix to see how often you’re sharing links, photos or videos…More at