The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Facebook

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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Facebooking | HuffPost

Everyone has opinions about the best way to use Facebook. You can’t please all the people all the time, but you can use some care in writing your status …

Facebook can be engaging and enjoyable, or it can be a source of aggravation and stress. If you put some care into writing your status updates on Facebook…More at

Essential Facebook Etiquette: 10 Dos and Don’ts – Hongkiat

With Facebook exploding into existence and evolving rapidly in just a couple of years, it’s not easy for users to grasp the unspoken rules of the social

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With Facebook exploding into existence and evolving rapidly in just a couple of years, it’s not easy for users to grasp the unspoken rules of the social interactions within…More at

Facebook Do’s and Don’ts for All Users

Facebook do’s and don’ts are very necessary to remind. Every user must follow these basic steps to become a responsible user of facebook.

We all are aware about the word Facebook as everybody knows about this social networking site and may be using also. Facebook is a way to connect to friends and family in a very easy and interesting way.

Using Facebook for the first time might be confusing for many, but later on It becomes usual and everybody gains perfection in it…More at

Ten Facebook Dos and Don’ts

1. Do: Take advantage of Facebook Places. This location-based application allows users to “check in”—or alert their network—wherever they are.

If you have a brick-and-mortar location, turn patrons into Facebook promoters by giving them freebies or specials offers if they check-in from your location, using Facebook Places.

However, be sure to connect your check-in page to your company page, otherwise Facebook users who click check-in links on their News Feeds and Walls will be taken to a generic Facebook page that doesn’t contain your keywords or branding…More at

Facebook for Business: 12 Do’s and Don’ts | Social Media Today

In this post I’ll review 12 Facebook for Business Do’s and Don’ts.

Step one in successfully using Facebook for business is to fill in your entire profile to the best of your ability.

You want your customers to access all the info they need about your brand of company right from the Page.

Having your bio sections filled in also helps when people are searching for your brand, so remember to include your keywords…More at

Facebook Do’s and Don’ts | Upleaf

So you’re now all set on Facebook. Yee haw! But what do you do to make your mark?

Here are 9 great tips for building a full-bodied, engaging Facebook page for your online nonprofit community.

Now that you’ve set-up your Facebook Nonprofit page, make sure to enjoy all the goodies it provides.

With Donate Now buttons, Events, Fundraisers and much more, if you’re not taking using these powerful tools, do it now!

A beautiful, high-quality photograph is the most effective way to tell your nonprofit’s story…More at