How To Get Real Likes From People On Your Facebook Page

January 11, 2018 141 views

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There are sites on the web where or you can purchase likes for your Facebook page.

Purchasing likes is very inexpensive, you can purchase thousands of likes for a few bucks. I highly recommend you don’t use this technique. You may think I’m just going to purchase a few thousand just to make my page seem popular and then I’ll get real likes.

The problem with buying likes is that Facebook has algorithms that can sense fake likes and your page won’t gain any exposure using this technique. In fact, it will hurt the page.

I suggest using authentic techniques for getting real likes. When you have real likes at least the time, effort, and money you have invested gets you real exposure for your posts and updates.

I have listed resources below for techniques and tips to get real for your Facebook page. Go through these resources and use the techniques they suggest.

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Post & Status Updates That Attract Likes

There are certain posts as status updates that get attention. When people enjoy your posts and updates, they share them and like them.

Below I have selected a list of pages to help you write posts and status updates that are popular. That doesn’t mean that they are templates. It’s the style and type of posts that are popular and get exposure.

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Below you’ll find a collection of resources about getting real likes for your Facebook page. Check out the video section, you can also check out what people are tweeting about regarding Facebook likes.



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