Is Facebook A Big Waste of Time? See What These People Are Saying

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Have a Look at What People are Saying About Wasting Time on Facebook

How to Stop Wasting Time on Facebook

According to a study by Vertical Response, the following stats are a very insightful.

You can imagine how tough it is to run a business and maintaining an active Facebook presence.

How can all of us follow the 80/20 rule and still achieve remarkable results on giant platforms like Facebook?…More at

Facebook: The World’s Biggest Waste of Time? | HuffPost

That would be real. What’s not real is an online place where there’s no exclusivity or discernment about who gets in,

and all manner of riff-raff voicing their opinions, exchanging links to news reports,

photos of kittens playing with string, comic books and jokes, while…More at

Thinking that Facebook is Wasting Your Time? You Can Change that!

It’s okay – you’re not alone and happily, there are ways of not only minimizing Facebook’s inherent time-suck effect but also (and this is the exciting part)

using this popular social media network as a means to educate yourself, get inspired and meet incredible people…More at

Why we waste our time on Facebook

“I always feel bad about the time I wasted, [when I] should have been doing work, exercise or talking to my husband.”Losing time on social media?

There’s a reason why. New research offers a further explanation as to why we waste so much time on social media…More at

How to Stop Wasting Time on Facebook

Here are some tips for how to stop wasting time on Facebook and be more productive.

Recently, I shared about how Facebook can be a great tool for sharing content online.

But the other side to that is it can also be an epic waste of time.

About a year ago, I started tracking how much time I was actually spending on Facebook and was amazed to discover it was a couple hours per day…More at

10 Tips To Stop You From Wasting Your Life On Facebook

I think to myself, how did people ever live without cell phones before? Who wouldn’t want to receive some sweet sweet social validation every morning through the connection of social media?…More at

17 Facts About The People Who Waste Time On Facebook – Business Insider

However, a closer look at how users actually engage with the site has produced some surprising results.

Researchers with the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project conducted a national phone survey of Facebook users and just released a report on the findings.

Here are the most interesting result…More at