What You Should Never Post on Facebook – Users Beware

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18 Things You Should Never Post on Facebook

Trying to figure out what is and isn’t OK to post on Facebook? Get a head start by learning what you definitely shouldn’t post on the social network.

Even if you think you have your Facebook privacy settings locked down, it’s still pretty difficult to control where your posts end up. You don’t have much control over what your friends do with your posts…More at http://cheatsheet.com

Things You Should Never Post On Facebook — You’ve Been Warned | Tech Times

If you post the wrong thing on Facebook, your account could get hacked or you could alienate your friends. Here are 20 things you should never post on social media.

Since launching in 2004, Facebook has given people the ability to communicate with their friends in a social platform like no other. On daily basis, people can post a message on Facebook that most of their friends can see…More at http://techtimes.com

5 Things You Should Never Post on Facebook

For the safety of you and your family, there is some information you should never post on Facebook. Here are 5 things to avoid posting.

Facebook has become the Google of social networks. If you’re not updating your status right now, chances are that you are uploading photos or taking some sort of odd quiz. On Facebook, we post tons of intimate details about our lives that we normally wouldn’t share with anyone…More at http://lifewire.com

9 Things You Should NEVER Share on Facebook

Don’t know what you should and shouldn’t be sharing on Facebook? Here’s a close look at the 9 things you should never share on Facebook!

To share or not to share…that is the question.

At least that’s the question you should be asking yourself once in a while.

Because, believe me, there are some thing you should NEVER share on Facebook…More at http://postplanner.com

Ten Things You Should Never Post On Social Media

Social Networking sites are like an addiction. Earlier we had just a single option – Facebook, where we were wasting hours of our lives sharing things with people we never knew and never met.

However, as time progressed, we were presented with even more options to waste even greater part of our valuable time and on more sites.

Are you wondering why am I using the word “waste” again and again? Well, if yes, let me tell you why it is a complete waste of time…More at http://lifehacks.io

What Not to Post on Facebook | POPSUGAR Tech

Privacy’s a rarity these days, and your beloved social media sites are largely to blame for that. But there are things you are doing on those sites that are

Privacy’s a rarity these days, and your beloved social media sites are largely to blame for that. But there are things you are doing on those sites that are making the situation even worse.

Before you ever hit “share” again, make sure you’re not posting one of these six things…More at http://popsugar.com

8 Things You Should Never Post on Facebook | Men’s Health

Something’s been bugging me lately. A fear that I haven’t been living in the moment. That I’ve been over-sharing. I’m too exposed. I’m cheapening my life by sharing so much of it with others. *

I know what you’re thinking: So says the sex blogger! And it’s true. MensHealth.com gives me an amazing platform from which to share my stories. But when every day, every date, every thought becomes a story idea, am I really living my life? …More at http://menshealth.com

10 Things I’ll Never Post on Facebook | HuffPost

As a result of plenty of trial and error, I now have very clear guidelines for what I will or will not post. Here’s a short list.

I post frequently on social media, particularly Facebook. I wouldn’t classify myself as an oversharer, but I will post up to five times a day if I think something is worth sharing. Is it funny? Is it interesting? Is it somehow otherwise significant?…More at http://huffingtonpost.com