A Collection of Tips To Help You Start A YouTube Channel

October 16, 2018 647 views

A Collection of Articles About Creating A YouTube channel

Included in this post is a collection of hand-picked articles and resources related to creating a YouTube channel, but first, a few key points.

If you’re interested in starting your own YouTube channel, then this post is for you. It contains many resources written by a variety of authors that will help you successfully create a YouTube channel.

A Few Issues to Consider:

Understand Your Target Audience:

Think about your target audience before starting. For example, if you’re going to start a channel related to law firms, you will want to create professional videos.

You don’t want a video of you in shorts on a beach, or you driving your car and presenting the information. You need to understand the expectations of your audience and present the information they are looking for.

Make Your Videos Believable:

I’m sure you have seen the videos where people show their million-dollar homes, luxury sports cars, and how they are living the dream while offering a course to show you how you can do the same. When I see something like that, I think, If I’m making millions of dollars, am I going to give everyone on the internet the secret, only to make a few dollars on a course?

Naturally, selling good courses will help many people, and it’s a good and reputable business, but make your pitch believable and avoid looking like scam artists.

Horrible Videos:

  • People that try to act, when it’s obvious they can’t. Don’t act, just present the information clearly and effectively.
  • Videos you can’t hear.
  • Videos that have not been edited.
  • Videos with long intros that look like a movie production only to get to the content and see a big difference in quality.
  • Videos where you wait for the ads to finish only to find it’s in a different language and an accent that is so heavy, you find it difficult to understand what’s being said.

Think It Through:

Think the videos through before posting them, just because you hit record it doesn’t mean the videos ready to be posted. Keep in mind users rate your videos and you don’t want too many thumbs down.

If you are serious about creating a YouTube channel, take the time to do it right. That’s my opinion.  There are a lot more tips in the resources below.


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