10 Questions You Must Ask Before Starting a Business

June 9, 2018 673 views

Answer These 10 Questions to Gain a Clear Understanding of the Direction You Are Taking.

1. Are You in It Just for the Money?

Naturally, money is one of the main reasons for starting a business, however, focusing solely on money is the wrong way to start a successful business.

If you start a business that is not interesting to you but has a good payout, you will find that even if you make money, there will still be something missing. You won’t have the satisfaction of running a business that you enjoy while making money.

Furthermore, when running a business solely for the money, you will find that if problems occur, you will start looking for an escape rather than a solution to the problem.

Find a business you like, and you will be better off in the long run!

2. Are You Just Looking at the Revenue?

Don’t focus on just the revenue. Some people look at the amount of money generated and miss the expenses and sacrifices involved to get that revenue.

For example, you get your car towed to the next town; Your bill is close to 100 dollars, and you think that guy just made an easy 100 bucks for a 40-minute drive.

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