Opening A Small Business Bank Account – Here’s What You Need To Know

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What to Look for in a Business Account –

Therefore it is unlikely that there will be too much variation in the offerings that each one provides you with.

However, that having been said, there are certain things that you should demand from your bank when you are prepared to use them for your business bank account…More at

Opening a Business Bank Account: Mistakes to Avoid

Each bank or credit union may have different requirements, so when booking the appointment, ask the banking officer exactly what you’ll need to bring to the meeting.”

Don’t worry about assembling a great deal of business documents,” said David Bakke, small business specialist at personal finance website Money Crashers…More at

What Do I Need to Open a Business Bank Account? It’s Not a Silly Question

Maybe surprisingly, the requirements to open a business bank account aren’t super straightforward.

So let’s see how to get rolling on opening a business bank account, which really is a big deal! Even if doesn’t seem that momentous, it is.

You’ve heard the saying,

“Keep your personal life and your business life separate”

before, right? It’s good advice—the two don’t mix all that well. Well, as far as your finances are…More at

5 Things to Look for in a Small Business Checking Account |

Here’s what to look for in a small business checking account so that your business banking works for, not against you.

Businesses tend to have many transactions each month, and cash-based businesses even more than most.

If you’ll be running to the bank every day to get change, make deposits, or otherwise conduct business, make sure that your business bank is close to your establishment…More at

Small-Business Checking Primer: 5 Key Questions Answered – NerdWallet

Here are answers to five key questions about these accounts.With a business account, you’ll deposit checks made out to your company in your business checking,

not your personal checking account. Likewise, you’ll pay business expenses out of the business account.

Having commingled accounts may put your personal assets at risk in a lawsuit.Having separate accounts…More at