Registering A Business – What Type Should Use? Find out Here

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You Have Been Making A BIG Mistake! 5 Reasons Why You Should Register Your Business NOW!

For some of these people, it’s just plain ignorance; they don’t know or understand the importance of a getting a business registered.

The others, who aren’t totally ignorant, just choose to avoid the upfront cost of registration…More at

Why You Should Register Your Business Name with Your State

Then we got an attorney involved to draw up the corporation’s by-laws and some other documents.

The attorney did some checking and found two corporations with almost exactly the same name in the state…More at

Do I Need to Register My Small Business? |

In many areas, registering your business is required. Even if it’s not required, some of the benefits of registration might make it a good idea to file the necessary paperwork.

Business registration takes multiple forms.

If you do not do business under your legal name, you will need to register the name of your business to sign legal contracts and accept payments in your company’s name.

This registration might be known as “doing business as” or an “assumed name.”…More at

Why Is It Important To Register A Business | LinkedIn

Second is the kind who are so much into the concept of running a business that they do not register the business even long after they have started making money and the reason they do not do so is because they are still not ready to hire employees.

I am not comfortable with either of these kinds. Registering a business is important and when you register it is even more important…More at