How To Choose A Business Bank

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How to Shop for a Bank – Small Business –

You need to understand what services you require and how much they cost. Ideally you’ll find a banker who will take the time to walk you through how to solve a problem, so you can go back to running your business.

Still, some business owners may spend more time shopping for a $300 laser printer than they would shopping for a bank…More at

Choosing the Right Bank for Your Business | QuickBooks

Here are five tips to help you choose the right bank for your business. Are you hoping to take out a loan or establish a line of credit? Do you want investment advice?

What about other services banks offer, such as automatic bill payment or credit-card processing?

Having a precise idea of what you need from a bank will help narrow your choices..More at

How to Pick the Right Bank for Your Business

So, how do you decide?

First, make a list of the services you want.

Are you looking for low fees, easy credit, an SBA loan or a combination of these and other services? Now rank the items in order of importance, and start shopping.

At each bank, ask for the business banker; that’s usually the loan officer assigned to commercial customers…More at

How Do I Find the Right Bank for My Small Business? – NerdWallet

When choosing a bank, keep in mind: Just as with personal bank accounts, there are a variety of services and tech solutions to help make banking simpler for both parties.

Online banking (and more recently mobile banking) has exploded in popularity over the past few years.

These two services are highly important when establishing a new banking relationship…More at