Here’s How To Register A Fictitious Business Name

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Fictitious Business Name VS DBA

There’s no difference between a fictitious business name and a DBA. A fictitious business name is often referred to as a DBA, an “assumed business name” or a “trade name”.

…When you are doing business under a company name, you need a company bank account to accept payments.

What Does It Mean To Have A Fictitious Business Name?

What Is a Fictitious Business Name?

The term “Fictitious Business” gets thrown around quite frequently.

While some might mistake it for a shady business that is “made up,” it actually is a legal term for a form of registration required of businesses in certain situations.

So how does one know whether they need to file a fictitious business statement?…More at

What Is The Purpose of Filing A Fictitious Business Name?

Purpose of Filing Fictitious Business Name Statement

A fictitious business name or “doing business as,” also known as a DBA, gives business owners an inexpensive method of gaining the legal right to operate in a name other than their own.

It protects the public, and it extends legal protections and privileges to business owners…More at