Retail Store Setup Checklist

June 19, 2018 469 views

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Checklist for Opening Your Retail Business

This is a checklist to help you get your store ready for business (not in any particular order). This checklist is assuming you are ready to open soon, you have a plan in place, you have your inventory ready and most of your planning is complete. You just want to make sure you haven’t missed anything important.

Setting Up Shop Checklist:

  • Your electrical wiring and appliances are all in place and working
  • Your flooring is finished, treated, and clean
  • You have set up shelving in a way that is convenient for customers.
  • Lighting is sufficient
  • Your decor that complements your business theme along with necessary furniture is complete
  • Your computer system and CRM system is tested and running
  • Security System in place and has been tested
  • You have the proper signs for your store, inside as well as outside
  • The windows are clean
  • Your cash resisters work. Do a test run
  • You have your float (cash) ready
  • Your credit card terminals work properly
  • You have bags ready for products purchased
  • Your staff is trained and ready
  • Your shelves are stocked and items priced
  • Your store is has certified safety regulations in place
  • Your place of business is up to code according to your municipality
  • You have obtained all the proper permits for your business.
  • You have your policies in place and have made your staff aware of them
  • Your establishment is safe for employees and customers
  • You have a grand opening plan in place

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