Retail Store Setup Checklist

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Checklist for Opening Your Retail Business

This is a checklist to help you get your store ready for business (not in any particular order). This checklist is assuming you are ready to open soon, you have you a plan in place, you have your inventory ready and most of you planning is complete. You just want to make sure you haven’t to make sure you haven’t missed anything important.

Setting Up Shop Checklist:

  • Your electrical wiring and appliances are all in place and working.
  • Your flooring is finished, treated, and clean.
  • You have set up shelving in a way that is convenient for customers.
  • Lighting is sufficient.
  • Your decor that complements with your business theme along with necessary furniture.
  • Computer system and CRM system
  • Security System
  • You get the proper signs for your store, inside as well as outside.
  • The windows are clean.
  • Your cash resisters work. Do a test run.
  • You have your float (cash) ready.
  • Your credit card terminals work properly.
  • You have bags ready for products purchased.
  • Your staff is trained and ready.
  • Your shelves are stocked and items priced.
  • Your store is has certified safety regulations in place.
  • Your place of business is up to code according to your municipality
  • You have obtained all the proper permits for your business.
  • You have a grand opening sale in place; it’s good marketing.

Here are some resources to ensure you have your bases covered

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