Use These Unique Resources to Start a Cleaning Business

June 16, 2020 1712 views

If you’re thinking of starting your own cleaning business, you’ll find an extensive collection of resources written by various authors to give you a broad overview of what you need to do and what to expect from owning your own cleaning business.

Before you get to the resources further down the page, I’d like to go over some points you’ll want to consider before you start.

Considerations For Starting A Cleaning Business

Cleaning Specialty

You can run a general cleaning business offering a variety of services, or you can specialize in cleaning services such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, office cleaning, etc. When you focus on one area, you’ll be able to become a specialist and build your brand. When you generalize, you can take on more work, but your business may not be perceived as a specialist.

Revenue Strategy

With any business getting a new customer is costly. Your business can be much more profitable if you can gain repeat customers. For example, home cleaning, office cleaning, and window cleaning services that need routine cleaning are the best ways to guarantee a steady income into your bank account.

You may want to focus on building service contracts rather than one-time cleaning services. You can still provide service for customers that need a one-off cleaning, but your marketing efforts will focus on service contracts.

Level of Service

Your primary focus is the level of service you provide for your clients. You want to make the area you clean look spotless and feel like new, in the least amount of time possible. You could spend a week cleaning a room, and that would put you out of business very quickly, or you could have a room looking and smelling great in a matter of minutes.