How To Start A Drone Business Using These Resources

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A Collection of Resources Related To Starting  A Drone Business

This post offers an abundant amount of resources that will give you an overview of what to expect from starting a drone business. The resources have been researched and organized on this page for your convince. With a click or tap, you’ll be able to visit each page to get the details you’ll need for this industry.

Drones are becoming more and more popular not mention affordable. A few years back there were no regulations when it came to the average consumer buying and using a drone but now with their growing popularity, be sure you are aware of the regulations put in place for drone use.

The title of this post is broad and there are many uses for drones and many ideas for starting a business that is drone-related. Here are just a few ideas on what type of drone business you can start:

    • Using drones to shoot video and photographs.
    • Using drones for inspections such as buildings, towers, crops, unmanned territories and anywhere it’s difficult, dangerous, or time-consuming to reach.
    • You could create a business for drone repair and software updates and programming.
    • You can create professional courses for drone operations, uses, regulations, and certification.
    • Although small business drone delivery is in the early stages this might be a good time to look into this area.
    • Using drones for advertising and marketing, like in the days when small airplanes would fly over events with a banner.
    • Entertainment, creating events and shows where people watch and or compete.
    • You’ll find more ideas in the resources to follow.

Before you get to the resources a few brief points to consider.

How Will You Run Your Drone Business?

Options Include: 

1. You manage and run the business all on your own or hire employees for the jobs needed.

2. You hire a business manager and you deal with the products and services.

3. You hire a manager and employees to completely run the business while you overlook operations.

What options are you considering for this business?


With any business, you’re considering you need to find out what the market is like in the area. If there is no demand for the product and service your planning, then there is no use opening your business in the area.


If the market is saturated, with other drone-related businesses you’ll need to bring something to the market that will help you compete. Another point about market saturation is everyone will probably compete on price. If the price becomes too low, there won’t be any profit left to run a successful business.

Make Your Business Stand Out:

What can you do to make your business special? If you’re going to open a business that is just like any other, then why should people buy from you? What makes people want to do business with you? Consider this and maybe you can come up with an idea that offers value to your potential customers.

Is This What You Really Want?

It’s important that you get into a business you have an interest in. If you have no interest in drones then you won’t give it your best effort and when a problem shows up, you’ll end up looking for ways to get out of the business instead of finding solutions.

The above considerations are important and part of deciding if you want to pursue starting your own drone-related business. In the resources to follow you’ll find more resources to consider such as how to finance your business, getting registered, getting the proper insurance, startup checklist and more.

For a complete overview of starting a drone see the unique collection of resources below organized in sections for your convince.

Sections Included In this Post:

        • How To Start A Drone Business
        • Drone Business Trends and Statistics
        • Profitability and Revenue of A Drone Business
        • Drone Business Startup and Operating Costs
        • Licenses Needed To Start A Business
        • Business Insurance
        • Employee Considerations
        • How To Finance Your Business
        • Business Plan
        • Marketing Plan
        • Drone Business Cards
        • Drone Logos
        • Drone Business Equipment
        • Drone Business Software
        • Office Equipment Considerations
        • Drone Businesses For Sale
        • Drone Business Franchise Opportunities
        • Is Running A Business The Right Move For You?
        • Business Startup Checklist
        • A Day In The Life of A Owner
        • Skill Set Needed To Run A Business
        • Tips For Marketing A Drone Business
        • Drone Business Article Mix
        • Courses Related To A Drone Business
        • Drone Business Blogs To Follow
        • Industry Related Trade Publications
        • Drone Terminology
        • Drones Books
        • Latest Search Results Related To Drones
        • Latest News Related To Drones
        • Tweets Related To Drones
        • Videos Related To Drones

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How To Start A Drone Business

The Nuts and Bolts of Starting a Commercial Drone Business

How to start a drone business: Plans and Opportunities – Business Insider

How to Start a Drone Business

Here Are the Best Drone Business Ideas

How to Make Money With a Drone: Starting a Drone Business Under Part 107 FAA Drone Rules | DARTdrones UAV Training

Start a Drone Business and Learn How to Profit from the Air Drone Craze

Planning to Start a Drone Business? Tips From Real Drone Entreprenuers

7 Most Exciting Drone Business Opportunities [+Free E-book]

Drone Business Trends and Statistics

Trends and statistics give you data you can use to make decisions about your startup.

Looking at statistics will allow you to determine if there is a decline, spike, or no change in the market.

Trends allow you to prepare for short and long-term changes in the market.

With trends and statistics, you may be able to identify any opportunities that may be missing in the marketplace that you can fill through your business.

Have a look at the resources offered below that offer trends and statistics related to this startup.

33 Eye-Opening Drone Stats – Key Trends for 2019

10 Drone Industry Statistics & Insights That Could Impact Drone Ecommerce Sales in 2019

2018 Commercial Drone Industry Trends – DroneDeploy’s Blog

The Drone Market 2019-2024: 5 Things to Know – DRONEII.com

Profitability and Revenue of A Drone Business

To keep your business and your lifestyle alive and well, you need to make sure you are generating enough revenue and making a healthy profit.

Both work hand in hand. Revenue without profit won’t get you anywhere, and profit without revenue doesn’t work.

So how much revenue and profit can you expect from this startup? No one will be able to tell you for sure, because there are too many variables involved.

For example, the following affect profitability:

You may get an estimate of what to expect, but no one can give accurate numbers without knowing the above.

Have a look at the selection below that will give you a general overview of potential revenue and profit for this startup.

Is running a drone business still profitable? : Entrepreneur

How to Make Money With A Drone: 10 Ways to Make Profit

How Lucrative Is a Drone Business? Legit UAV Business Opportunities – CleverLeverage.com

Analyzing Viability of Agriculture Drone Business – Drone U™

How to Make Money with a Drone: Up to $200 an Hour on the Side

Drone Business Startup and Operating Costs

Cost is an important part of the startup phase. You need to find the right balance between what you need without going overboard on costs.

If you don’t get the resources you need when you open your doors, you will run into problems and reduce efficiency. On the other hand, if you purchase everything you want, then your high startup cost can affect your success.

I would recommend you start with what is absolutely needed to get up and running and when you start to generate revenue you can get what you need to run more effectively. Plus, with some experience, you’ll have a better idea as to what is needed.

Once you’re open and operational, you still need to focus on cost. Reducing and keeping the cost down and under control is an important management skill.

Cost control is just as important as generating revenue. If you’re generating revenue of $25,000 per month but operation costs $40,000 per month, you’ll be out of business soon.

Have a look at the resources I have included that deal with startup and operating costs.

How much does it cost to set up a drone business?

Licenses Needed To Start A Business

This section focuses on the licenses required for a business. When starting, you want to make sure you’re doing everything correctly and legally – especially when it comes to permits and licenses.

Have a look at the resources included in this post for an overview of what you need when it comes to permits necessary and licenses.

Do I Need a Drone License to Fly a Drone? [Read Before You Fly]

How to Get a Drone License: A Step-by-Step Guide to the FAA Part 107 Certification Process

Drones Law 101: Registration, FAA Rules & Local Regulations – Business Insider

How you get a license to fly a drone commercially in the US — Quartz

Business Users | Know Before You Fly

See Our Resource Page For Resources To Get A License and Necessary Permits For Your Business

Business Insurance

Having the right insurance for your startup is very important. There are many types of insurance and you need adequate coverage for every aspect of your business. You need to make sure you’re covered for loss, damage liability, lawsuits, and other issues that can harm your business.

An experienced broker can help you get the right coverage and offer insurance for areas you haven’t considered.

Have a look at the resources I have selected for this section that will help you get the right insurance for your startup.

Drone Insurance Guide: How to Get Liability & Hull Coverage

Get Affordable UAV Drone Insurance | Hobby & Professional

A Guide to Drone Insurance for Drone Companies – Embroker

Drone Insurance: Where To Buy It & How Much To Get

See Our Resource For All The Business Insurance Resources You Need From One Page

Employee Considerations

Have you considered if you need employees for your startup? Maybe, in the beginning, you’ll be able to do most or all of the work yourself. But when your startup takes off you may not be able to keep up with running the business and doing all the work.

This section focuses on the type of employees you may need now or in the future to run a  business.

A List of Common Jobs You May Need For Running a Business

How To Finance Your Business

Have you given any thought as to how you’re going to finance your startup? Financing a business is difficult due to the fact that most businesses fail in the first few years. Therefore, banks see a startup as a high-risk.

In order to get the right financing, you need to present your business plan and provide adequate collateral. Have a look below for the resources needed that will help you finance your startup.

Commercial Drone Financing – AeroV Financial

Drone Equipment Financing for Commercial Customers (U.S.)

See Our Resource Page For Resources To Help You With Financing Your Business

Business Plan

This section focuses on writing a business plan for your startup. A business plan will keep you focused. When you write a business plan, you have to think about each part in each section and it opens your eyes to many of the questions you need to fill in.

So, in other words, it makes you think about every part of your business.

A business plan is your roadmap for success. It also helps keep you on track and it’s essential when you have to apply for financing.

See the resources below that can assist you with your business plan.

Business Plan Writers – Business Plan Consultant | Pro Business Plans

Creating a Business Plan for Your Commercial Drone Business – 3D Insider

Drone Business Plan Sample | OGScapital.com

See Our Resource For Tips On Writing A Business Plan

Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is something that will help you during the startup phase of your business, as well as when your business is up and running.

Writing a marking plan makes you think about how you’re going to get customers and how you will present your products and services.

Developing your plan makes you dig deep into the way you’re going to approach marketing your startup.

Keep in mind that a marketing plan can be adjusted as needed.

Once your plan is in place follow it, see working and do more of that. Find what’s not working and eliminate the tactics and try different tactics.

With marketing, it’s important to try new things and test. Never allocate a large amount of money on an untested marketing campaign — that’s a recipe for disaster.

Have a look at the following that can help you create a marketing plan for your startup.

5 Reasons a Marketing Plan for Your Drone Company is Essential

See Our Resource For Tips To Write Your Marketing Plan

Drone Business Cards

Your cards should look professional and offer the main benefit of doing business with you and using your products and services.

Have a look at the samples I have selected below that for ideas on designing your business cards to see what design appeals to you.

Drone Business Card Designs | 175 Business Cards to Browse

Drone company needs a logo and business card design | Logo & business card contest

Drone business cards – Free templates and designs

See Our Resource For Creating Attractive Business Cards That Work

Drone Logos

Your logo is important: it lasts for years and it’s what people will use to identify your business once your business becomes well-known.

There are many considerations when it comes to designing your logo. Have a look at the list of resources I have selected for this section that will help you create a logo that works well for your business.

Drone Logo Maker | Create Your Own Drone Logo | BrandCrowd

Free Drone Logo Designs | DesignEvo Logo Maker

151 Best Drone Logo Designs images | Logos design, Logos, Logo templates

See Our Resource For Tips To Create An Impressive Logo

Drone Business Equipment

This section focuses on the equipment needed to operate your business. You need to find a balance between the equipment you need that can do the job and the equipment you can afford.

Have a look at the resources below for tips and insights regarding the business equipment you need for your startup.

Equipment for Starting a Commercial Drone Business – Drone U™

The Hardware You Need to Start a Drone Business

Tools of the Trade: The Best Hardware, Software and Apps to Power Your Commercial Drone Business

Drone Business Software

Software makes complex processes easy and effective. There is a lot of general software used in business like Microsoft Office and various accounting packages.

Have a look at the resources below for the software that is essential or that can make your life easier when it comes to operating this startup.

Three Apps You Need to Start a Drone Business

Drone & UAV Mapping Platform | DroneDeploy

Top 5 Drone Mapping Software Packages – COPTRZ

Office Equipment Considerations

What kind of business equipment do you need in your office? There are essentials and there are the things that people want for their office that come with all the bells and whistles.

When starting out, it’s a good idea to get only what you need to get started. Once your business is established and earning revenue, then you can upgrade your equipment and purchased the equipment you want.

You want to find a balance between getting equipment that will effectively do the job and costs.

You don’t want to pay for equipment that won’t do the job — that would be a waste. You pay for the cheap equipment and then pay for the good equipment. So, the cheap equipment ends up costing more than the better equipment.

Have a look at the resources I have selected for the office equipment you need for this startup.

See Our List For The Equipment You May Need For Your Office

Drone Businesses For Sale

This section offers listings for established businesses that are for sale.

There are pros and cons to buying an established business versus starting your own.

A few of the pros included:

      • Revenue comes in from the day you take over.
      • The business comes with customers.
      • The business has a proven track record and you know it works, etc.

A few cons:

      • The good and the bad comes with the business.
      • It’s harder to change the direction of an established business vs a new business.
      • The cost of buying an established business is usually higher than starting your own, etc.

Businesses For Sale, 0 Available To Buy Now in Canada

Drone Business Franchise Opportunities

There are pros and cons to owning a franchise over your own business.

Some of the pros include:

      • A proven business that works
      • An established business reputation
      • Established marketing

Some of the cons include:

      • You’re restricted in how you can run the business
      • Franchising costs

Have a look at the resources I have selected that offer the franchise related to this startup.

Drone Franchise Opportunity

7 Best Drone Franchise Opportunities for Sale and Their Cost | ProfitableVenture

Drone Franchise vs. Your Own Drone business

Is Running A Business The Right Move For You?

This section will give you insights that help determine if running a business is right for you.

Running a business is not for everyone. Owning a business is a dream for many people. It offers the chance of working your own hours, being your own boss, achieving financial freedom, and more.

It’s great to focus on all the benefits, but at the same time, you need to be aware of the difficulties involved in running a business.

Some people turn their passion into a business only to find they love what they are doing, but they don’t like the process of running a business.

Others enjoy running a business no matter what it’s about. Their passion is the process of running their own business.

See the following resources that will give you insights as to what’s best for you.

Click Here For A List of Important Steps You Must Consider When Starting A Business

Business Startup Checklist

This section offers checklists that you need when you’re starting a business. There are a few major issues that need attention and hundreds of small details.

Your major focus is to be up and running and generating revenue. It’s hard keeping track of the little things. That’s where startup checklists can help you manage everything and avoid missing anything important.

See the link below for the list of resources I have selected for some useful startup checklists!

Click Here To See The Business Startup Checklists Page

A Day In The Life of A Owner

This section offers tips and insights from entrepreneurs who are willing to share their experiences with you.

Keep in mind that you’re looking at the experiences of other people, and your experience will be different.

Spending some time on this section will give you tips and insights into what it’s like to run a business as well as what it’s like working in the industry. and show you what your life could be like if you were to start your own business.

See the list of resources below for more.

A Day In The Life of A Business Owner ~ See What They Are Saying  | Click Here

Skill Set Needed To Run A Business

This section deals with the skills you need to run a business. If you don’t have the skills, it’s not a problem most of the time because skills can be learned.

Even if you don’t have the skills but you have the budget, you can always hire someone with the skills to do the work and provide the services needed.

Have a look at the list below for more on the skills needed to run a business.

Five Skills You Need to Succeed in the Commercial Drone Market – UAV Coach

See Our Resource Page For Essential Business Skills You Need To Succeed

Tips For Marketing A Drone Business

This section offers tips and insights for marketing your startup. Marketing isn’t just for when you are getting started: It’s an ongoing process. It’s one of the keys that will keep your business up and running.

You could have the best product in the world, but if no one knows about it, then it’s useless. If you have the best product in the world, but people don’t understand it or know the benefits of it, then you won’t have any success in the sales department.

Marketing helps you understand your products and services from different perspectives. When you’re focused on marketing, you start to get experience in human behavior and look at things from different perspectives.

Have a look at the articles below that will give you an abundance of tips that you can use starting today.

5 Tips To Marketing Your Drone Business – DRONELIFE

How to Market a Drone Business – 5 Essential Tips

How to Market a Drone Business – 5 Essential Tips

7 Tips to Win More Customers for Your Drone Business – UAV Coach

3 Key Tips on Marketing Your Drone Business – Drone U™

Drone Business Article Mix

These articles caught my eye as I was doing my research and I wanted to include them in this post.

Have a look at the list below for the tips and insights they provide.

Biggest Challenges of Starting your Own Drone Business – Drone U™

37 Critical Problems that need to be Solved for Drone Delivery to become Viable – Futurist Speaker

5 Problem Areas For Commercial Enterprise Drone Fleet Operations

Here’s Why The Drone Services Industry is in Trouble | Commercial UAV News

Thinking of Running Your Own Drone Business? Here’s a Few Tips. – UAV Coach

Running a Drone Business Was a Massive Cash Cow | Fortune

Top 100 Drone Companies to Watch in 2019 | UAV Coach

4 Surprising New Ways Businesses Are Using Drones | Inc.com

Courses Related To A Drone Business

This section focuses on courses that can help you with your business. No matter how much you know, you can always learn more, learning and improving is part of life.

As a business owner, you should always be looking for ways to stay on top, improving the way you manage, reducing cost, improving efficiency, marketing, accounting, and specialized skills related to the products and services you offer.

You can learn a lot from experience, but that takes years to acquire. You can reduce that time by learning from others.

There are a lot of courses on the market that you can benefit from.

You can set 30 minutes a day to study. In around 20 days, this will become a habit. When it becomes a habit, it will feel natural.

Let’s move forward a few years. How much knowledge will you have gained from that 30 minutes a day spent learning?

Have a look at the following resources for the list of courses that can help you in this area.

The Complete Drone Business Course – 5 Courses in 1 | Udemy

Top Drone Photography Courses Online – Updated [November 2019] | Udemy

Business Courses – Drone U™

Drone Training Courses: The Complete List (60+ Amazing Courses)

DARTdrones Commercial Drone Training for Businesses

Aerial and Drone Photography – Online Courses | CreativeLive

Professional Drone Pilot Training Academy – University of Delaware Div. of Professional and Continuing Studies

Drone Business Blogs To Follow

This section offers some popular blogs I have found related to your startup. Keeping track of industry-related blogs will help you stay on top of trends, news, marketing, industry tips, and more.

Takes some time on this section to see which blogs you want to follow.

70 Drone Blogs to Follow in 2017 (For News, Reviews, Guides, etc)

Top 10 Drone Blogs As Voted By Users – Dronethusiast!

Top 80 Drone Blogs & Websites In The World 2019 (Update) – Ampow Blog

Industry Related Trade Publications

Industry trade publications are a great source of information for news, innovations, and tips, related to the industry you’re getting into.

These publications go way beyond your business and can give you an overview and knowledge you can use to improve your business and come up with new ideas.

Have a look at the publications I have found related to this industry.

Dronelife – The Trusted Source for Drone Industry News

Top Drone Magazines – Skytango

Drones Monthly | Drone innovation & development

Dronelife – The Trusted Source for Drone Industry News

Top 5 Drone Magazines, Publications, And Ezines To Follow In 2019

Drone Terminology

This section allows you to become familiar with all the industry terminology that you need to know as the owner of this startup.

Terminology will come naturally with time and experience. During the startup phase, it’s important that you are aware of the terminology.

Have a look at the resources I have found related to the terminology you need to become familiar with related to this industry.

A Glossary of Drone Terminology and Vocabulary – DSLRpros Official Blog

Quick Reference Guide of Drone Terminology

Drone Terminology & UAV Definitions | My Dear Drone

Drones Books

Books cover a lot of information and offer structure on the topic they are written about. If you take a look at the table of contents you can gain an overview of the areas you’ll want to pay attention to.

Have a look at the links below for books related to books available related to this business.

Books From Amazon Related To Drones

Google Book Search Related To Drones

The Latest About Drones

This section provides resources that will help you stay on top of the latest news, web content, books, videos, and tweets related to this industry.

When you keep track of changes, you’ll always be informed about industry updates and gain ideas for ways to improve or protect your business with changes happening.

Have a look at each section below for more.

Google Searches

Latest Search Results Related To Drones

Latest Scholar Search Results Related To Drones

Latest Image Search Results Related to Drones


Latest News Related To Drones


Tweets Related To Drones


Videos Related To Drones