How To Start A Drone Photography Business Using These Tips

August 27, 2019 2195 views

A Collection of Articles Related To Starting A Drone Photography Business

This post contains an abundance of articles from a variety of sources that can help you start your drone photography business.

The articles are hand-picked and have taken many hours to select and organize into sections for your convenience.

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Before getting to the resources a there are a few brief points I wanted to include

Drone photography allows you to provide aerial photos that were not available to the average photographer just a few years ago. Today with the advances in technology a photography business can easily expand to include aerial photos or you can start a business that specializes in aerial photography.

The same techniques you use to shoot compelling photos apply to aerial photography.

A couple of things to keep in mind, aerial shots are taken from a distance and when taking a shot from the ground you may be using a tripod, but with a drone, your shots need to be focused and you need to keep the drone as steady as possible, even if there is a stabilizer mechanism in place.

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