How to Start a Go-Kart Business Using These Unique Resources

June 11, 2020 343 views

Here Are the Tips You Need to Before You Start Your Go-Kart Business

If you have a knack for business and an interest in the world of go-karts, then owning a go-kart business is a startup option to consider.

In this post, you’ll find the information that can help you decide if you want to pursue an opportunity as a go-kart business owner. You’ll have access to the resource section consisting of handpicked articles I found useful for anyone that wants to start a go-kart business. Before you get to the resources, I will share a few issues to consider before opening your doors.

What Type of Go-Kart Business Are You Considering?

There are many types of go-kart businesses out there. You’ll see indoor and outdoor tracks offering gas-powered and electric-powered karts.
Some businesses are theme-based, for example, arcade-like themes with food and apparel. I saw one go-kart business that offers a restaurant and live music.

You could also find a franchise to sign up for that will make the startup process easier, and you could be and up and running quicker than starting from scratch. You’ll find this information in the franchise resource section.

Go-Kart Business Startup Costs

The investment required to set up a go-kart business is expensive. You can expect anywhere from $100,000-$300,000 or more. Your cost will depend on the size of the track, and the types and quantities of karts you buy.
Can you start a business with a smaller investment? Sure you can, let’s look at an example.

Say you have a two-acre lot you own that suitable for building a track. You could purchase ten used Karts, put up a sign, and paved the track, which is a start. It’s important to note; your startup cost will depend on what you want.

Indoor VS Outdoor

Are you considering having an indoor or outdoor track or possibly both? With indoor tracks, you may want to consider electric carts due to emissions. Electric karts have speeds of up to 50 mph, while high-performance gas karts can reach 160 MPH. If you are planning on high-speed karts, an outdoor track is more suitable. There is a lot more room for bends and straightaways that allow you to reach high speeds.
You can also consider two tracks—an inside track for lower speed and bad weather days and a high-performance track for outside racing.

Demand For Go-Karting

If there’s no demand for karting, there’s no use in opening a go-kart track in that area. There may not be enough interest to run a successful karting business if you live in a small town. If there are many tracks in your area, it might be hard to establish a new track. You’ll need to bring something new to the market, like better karts, a more modern track, a better experience, etc.

Insurance is Must

With a business like this one, you need to make sure you have full coverage for any injuries that occur. You want to make sure your customers have excellent coverage. I’m sure you want them to have fun and experience something exciting at your operations. The last thing you want is for someone to get hurt and, even worse, getting hurt with no coverage.

Safety Inspections

If I owned a go-kart business, I would perform safety checks daily, for the establishment, the track, and the Karts. It’s essential to document your safety checks every day. When you have the highest regard for safety, you protect those that come to your business. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your customers and employees safe. If an accident occurs and you are found negligent, there will be harsh consequences. You’re better off being overly protective.

Permits and Licenses

You need to check with your local municipality for the regulations and permits necessary to run this type of business. Naturally, there are different regulations when running an indoor or outdoor track. With an outdoor track, you have the noise barriers that come into play, especially for the high-performance karts that can reach speeds of 160 MPH.

How Will You Get The Word Out?

Marketing any business is tough, especially when you’re starting. Here’s an idea that will cost a bit of money, but executed correctly will be a promotion people will remember.

Plan a grand opening, where you could invite locals like the Mayor, Police chief, Members of the city council, chamber of commerce, etc. For the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

During your grand opening, have a raffle where you give away a brand new Go-Kart to anyone in attendance. Sure the Kart may cost you $2,000, which is a tax write-off but image the interested it would drum up in your area. Especially when you send out a press release, the local news will spread the word so their listeners and readers can have a chance to win a new go-kart. Since you have to be present to win, you raffle the go-kart at the end of your grand opening. That way, you keep people enjoying the events of the day and becoming familiar with your business.

Another idea is to hand out tickets to local radio stations. Take out some ads for your grand opening, and offer, for example, 50 free tickets for Go-Kart rides that the station gives out once every few hours, for five days. When those ticket holders come in, you will make sure to give them a great experience.

They will tell their friends, that hopefully, become long term customers.
Next, You’ll find the resources Section.
Good Luck!

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