How To Start A Home Healthcare Business

Image of a nurse helping an elderly woman

A Quick Overview of A Home Healthcare Business

Your typical day will vary greatly, depending on the type of business you start.

If you pursue a medical based, home health care service, then you may sit with elderly or ailing patients and give them their medications.

There may also be light duty cleaning and cooking involved. You may need to help your patients with hygiene needs. Non-medical healthcare professionals perform the similar tasks; however, they do not give patients medications.


There are some decisions that you will need to make before starting. First, decide whether to start a medical or non-medical based business. A medical based business can charge more for their services. However, you must have medical training such as a CNA (certified nursing assistant).

Also, think about whether to start a franchise or open your own independent agency. Franchises, such as Visiting Angels®, give you name recognition and provide a proven business model, but require you to pay franchise fees.