How to Start a Diaper Cake Business

June 22, 2018 269 views

Image of a Diaper Cake

How to Start a Diaper Cake Business Including Resources You’ll Need

Diaper Cake Business Overview:

Diaper cakes are a great way to make any baby shower into a hit. They are growing in popularity.

If you have given a diaper cake before, or even like baking for events, you can get in on this industry.

If you decide to start, you will want to begin by making a few samples. You can show people all of the different things that you can do.

You may want to give these away as gifts so that people can see how talented that you are, or you may want to donate them to retail baby stores so they can help promote your service.

Once the word gets out will begin to receive the calls which will help your business grow.

Skill Set:
Employee and Job Consideration During The Start-Up Phase or In The Future:
Approximate Daily Hours Needed:

You will want to be available during normal business hours in which people can call you to place their orders, but you can set your own hours for the creating of the cakes.

Equipment, Supplies, & Services During Start-up OR In The Future:

Essential Office Equipment

Monthly Expenses and Operating Costs To Consider:

In addition to our list of common business expenses, your diaper cake business will require a budget for the ongoing cost of acquiring supplies and packaging materials.


See Our Page on Licenses and Permits

Pros & Cons:


You get to spend your days working in a creative manner, using a number of different products and themes to make a great looking cake that is also useful. You will make your clients very happy when they see how creative your product is. You can use your imagination to put a new spin on plenty of cakes, making each and every one unique.


Until people know what a diaper cake is, you may not have much business. This means that you will have to spend a great deal of your time with promotion and less on actually making the diaper cakes.

Minimum Startup Cost:

You only need a few supplies to begin and as well as licensing and permits, and promotional supplies such as business cards, You should be able to have a bare minimum start-up for a few hundred dollars.


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