IKEA Office Planner Overview and Features

IKEA Office Planner Overview

Your office is an important part of your business, so why not ensure that it is set up right the first time? The IKEA office Planner allows you to plan your office layout and maximize the space that you have.

Turn Your office Dream Into Reality

Easily create the layout of your office with its drag and drop feature. You can plan where a chair, table, or lamp will go in your office without having to physically move the furniture yourself. Furthermore, you can see your changes in 3-D, making it easier to envision the final layout.

Even if your office is irregularly shaped, you simply need to input the dimensions of the space that you would like to fill up into the software. Once this is done, use the IKEA office Planner to place furniture where you want. You will want to consider your needs and the number of people who will be using the office.

The Planner also lets you play around with the colors of your office. Since you can use furniture available in IKEA stores, the Planner will even compute the total cost of the items that you choose. Once you’re done, you can print out the new office that you just created and ask for feedback from others.

It’s easy to make a few changes here and there or alter your office plan altogether.

The program will give you some easy to follow commands so you can complete the process even if you are not very technically savvy.

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