Short and Sweet Taglines

June 11, 2018 477 views

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Popular Short and Sweet Taglines You Can Learn From

Can you link the taglines to their companies?

Just Do It.

We Bring Good Things to Life.

It’s the Real Thing.

You probably guessed right: these belong to Nike, GE, and Coke.

Taglines and slogans are those marketing one-liners that aim to keep your company in people’s minds, whether they are your current clients or not. Taglines make one visualize and feel the brand, providing a very powerful catchphrase that “says it all.”

Famous Advertising Slogans

“Have it your way” ~ Burger King

“It’s everywhere you want to be” ~ Visa

“Drivers wanted” ~ Volkswagen

“Taste the rainbow” ~ Skittles

“Eat fresh” ~ Subway

“Reach out and touch someone” ~ AT&T

“It’s Miller time!” ~ Miller

“Think outside the bun” ~ Taco Bell

“Let your fingers do the walking” ~ Yellow Pages

“When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight” ~ Federal Express

“Finger-lickin’ good.” ~ KFC

“Nationwide is on your side” ~ Nationwide

“The ultimate driving machine” ~ BMW

“Is it in you?” ~ Gatorade

“Think small” ~ Volkswagen

“Do the Dew” ~ Mountain Dew

“Just do it.” ~ Nike

“Every kiss begins with Kay” ~ Kay Jewelers

“Beanz meanz Heinz” ~ Heinz

“Raising the bar” ~ Cingular

“Go to work on an egg”  ~ Egg Marketing Board

“Because I’m worth it” ~ L’Oréal

“Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there” ~ State Farm Insurance

“We try harder” ~ Avis

“You can do it, we can help” ~ Home Depot

“The quicker picker-upper” ~ Bounty

“Yup, it’s that good” ~ A1 Steak Sauce

Coming Up With a Tagline

Sweet slogans and taglines should convey a message in as few words as possible. This is definitely harder than it seems; how do you convey all the great things about your product in just a few words? The key here is to focus on your product or service’s best trait, which will help you come up with a short and sweet tagline.

Consider Porsche. It positions itself as the car manufacturer that builds the best sports car in the world; therefore, “Porsche, There Is No Substitute.” Mazda’s “Zoom Zoom,” tagline conveys its direction towards the younger crowd. And who can miss out on the “Intel Inside” stickers on almost every PC, showing that the company’s strong leadership position as an innovator and supplier of microprocessors?

Large companies have the luxury of hiring top-of-the-line advertising agencies who may take weeks to come up with several taglines for a committee to debate and deliberate upon. The small businessman can’t afford to do this, so where do you go for that all-important tagline? Look within.

As a small business owner, nobody knows your company the way you do. Its vision, target audience, and future plans are all things that you know, right? So who better to start thinking about taglines than you?

Here are a few considerations when it comes to tag lines:

  • Define your target audience. As in the Mazda example above, their tagline (Zoom! Zoom!) does not say anything about the product at all but tries to catch the attention of its target audience.
  • Say more with less. With just two words (Intel Inside) Intel was able to show that it is present in virtually all PCs people will probably buy.
  • Make your tagline or slogan simple. Don’t use words that people will have to look up in a dictionary. Use simple everyday words that people can easily connect with.
  • Ask customers for feedback. What may sound great to you may not make sense to others, so be sure to “market test” your tagline by running it through others and getting feedback.
  • Define what particular aspect of your product or service you want to promote
Taglines and slogans are very important. You should take the time to develop them

Testing your tagline or slogan is important. It costs time and money to correct a printed or marketed tagline. Test before you print or roll it out.