Here Are 25 Top Gift Ideas Your Employees May Enjoy

Top Employee Gift Ideas

Especially during the holiday season, it can be difficult to find an appropriate and worthwhile gift for one or more employees.

Here are a few ideas that may appeal to you and make your employees feel appreciated for their service.

1. A Monetary Bonus

Hands down, the #1 employee gift idea is a nice bonus check.

Although this can seem like the least thoughtful employee gift, it can be the most appreciated, especially during hard economic times.

2. A Night Out at the Movies

Another gift idea is a night out at the movies with a partner, complete with a card for popcorn and soda. Look for the most prominent movie theater chain in your area and buy movie tickets and popcorn cards in bulk, or gift cards worth a few tickets and snacks. This way, employees can enjoy the gift any time they want a night out.

3. VISA Gift Cards

VISA gift cards can be used anywhere and are a great gift idea.

4. Lottery Tickets

Giving out scratch lottery tickets can be fun and inexpensive, and who knows if one of those lottery tickets turns out to be a big winner?

Giving lottery tickets in groups of 10, 20, or more to each employee is especially fun during a company party or get-together.

5. Amazon Gift Card

Today, Amazon caters to all kinds of gifts and also carries gift cards. This idea allows people to pick the items they want, whether it be books or other items. This is also the type of gift idea that can be used at any time of year.

6. Tickets to Special Events

This gift idea can be a bit tricky, but as Christmas gift ideas are concerned, if the Nutcracker is coming to town, tickets to this event is a great gift idea. This requires a little more knowledge of your employees’ likes and dislikes than some other gift ideas.

7. Gold Canyon Candles

Many people like candles. The most requested brand is Gold Canyon. Gold Canyon candles (or other types of similar-quality candles) are a great gift idea that can be enjoyed over several months.

8. Portable USB Storage (Thumb) Drive

The small, thumb-size USB storage drives today are not only becoming more and more affordable, but they are very useful.

Today, there are so many to choose from, you can even select different designs or colors for different departments or company “teams.”

A USB thumb drive is a versatile gift. Depending on the size of the drive, employees can store family photos or corporate documents that they can access from any computer, any time, anywhere.

9. Desk or Houseplants

A plant or small rock garden that requires little care can be a great gift idea that employees can either keep on their desks or take home.

Garden varieties, flowering or not, are especially welcome because employees can transplant them into their home gardens.

10. Calendars or Day Planners

This is another useful gift idea. Again, though, be careful with this one. Calendars and day planners should not have the company logo stamped on every page. Reserve those for vendors.

You can often find similar gift ideas through vendors such as VistaPrint, who often carry gift certificates and allow people to choose their own.

11. Fruit and Nut Gift Baskets

A favorite standard, fruit and nut gift baskets are always welcome. Many fruit and nut gift baskets can be ordered online from a variety of sources or from your local grocery store.

12. Restaurant Gift Cards – “A Night Out” or “Dinner for Two”

Almost every major restaurant chain offers gift cards in various amounts. Restaurant gift cards can be purchased at reduced rates in bulk online or if you have fewer employees, you can visit your local Walmart and other stores for them.

13. Personalized Business Card Holders

Personalized or not, classy business card holders are also a favorite employee gift.

Business card holders, available online at sites such as ePromos or at your local office supply store, are great for keeping business cards clean and showing professionalism.

14. 1-Pound Boxes of Chocolates claims to be the largest online chocolate store in the U.S. and chocolates have always been among the favorites.

Note: Belgian chocolates, by the way, is wonderful for diabetics as well as everyone else who has a sweet tooth.

15. Photo Frames

Photo frames are available in a wide variety of styles and prices at such sites as Corporate Gifts Company as well as through retail and office outlets.

How many people do you know don’t have a photo of a loved one on his or her desk?

16. Laptop Cases or Sleeves

Laptop cases and sleeves are very popular. Who doesn’t need a new one periodically? Kolo bags have an amazing assortment of laptop cases, backpacks, sleeves, and many other accessories for employees on the go.

17. Lunch Cooler Bags

Lunch cooler bags make excellent gifts. Igloo provides an incredible assortment of all kinds of lunch coolers and drinkware that your employees may like.

18. Pen and Pencil Sets

Where is a pen or pencil when you need one, right?

Office Max, and stores such as Staples, carry a variety of pen and pencil sets sure to please employees.

Combined with a business card holder, these are very useful and professional gifts that can be used year-round.

19. A Day off

Who doesn’t appreciate a paid day off?

If your company can afford it, paid days off thrill employees. For extra pizzazz, enclose the note along with a movie or restaurant gift card.

20. Clocks and Timepieces

We know employees often use the clock on their computer desktops to look at the time. However, a nice desk clock enhances an employee’s desk.

One of the best sites around for finding beautiful timepieces of all kinds in all price ranges is Gifts for Professionals, which also offers personalized engraving.

21. USB Photo Key Chains

USB photo key chains are very hot gifts. In fact, anything “USB” is hot these days.

22. Fruit-of-the-Month Clubs

Fruit-of-the-Month clubs are timeless and classic. Who doesn’t like fresh fruit? One of the best sites that offer such a club as well as other fruit gifts is Harry and David.

23. Popcorn Gift Tins

Popcorn has taken on a whole new taste and you won’t believe the many flavors and varieties of outstanding popcorn and tins available See The popcorn factory for ideas

24. Cookies and Desserts

Cookie and dessert gift packs are beloved by many people. These types of gifts are especially appreciated around the holidays.

See Mrs Fields and Cheryl’s for some great ideas!

25. Poinsettias

Last, but not least, are poinsettias. These beautiful and striking flowers are a mainstay of holiday season decoration.

26. Bonus- Higher Ticket Items

In addition to the above gifts, If you have a small group of employees and want to offer a memorable gift, and you’re looking for a way to let your employees your sincere appreciation, here are a few gift ideas that they are sure to appreciate.

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Big smart TV
  • Play station
  • Xbox One
  • Chrome book
  • Laptop
  • Air Buds
  • Bose Headphones
  • Bose Soundbar
  • Alexa
  • Google Home
  • Weekend getaway
  • Season Tickets

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