Tired of WordPress 404 Errors? Have A Look At This List of Plugins

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A Collection of Web Pages About 404 Plugins For WordPress

6 Best Free 404 Redirect Plugins for WordPress

Before you start fixing the 404 errors, it’s very important to understand why WordPress outputs a 404 error…More at http://www.wpbeginner.com

The 7 Best 404 Plugins for WordPress

There’s one phrase every internet user will be horribly familiar with. A set of words they’ll have encountered hundreds, if not thousands of times, and that always prompts a brief moment of confusion:

The page cannot be found. The page you’re looking for might’ve been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable….More at https://www.elegantthemes.com

11+ Best WordPress 404 Page Plugins 2016

Plugins Everyone who uses internet and surf websites have definitely seen the 404 error ever in his/her life. This error appears when the page you are looking for doesn’t seem to be exiting. Dead pages that are either removed or do not carry any content are labeled as 404.

This error can actually affect your business and create unnecessary confusion which may lead to irritation and viewer can leave your website apart from that large number of such pages can lower down your ranking in sear…More at https://wpdean.com

5 Best Free 404 Redirect Plugin for WordPress

In our previous tutorial, we shared how to Fix 404 Error Page Not Found. We also mentioned how to fix dead links easily. You can use 404 redirect plugin if you have a limited number of 404 error. Otherwise, you shouldn’t use this plugin.

If you have a large number of 404 errors, then you need to fix it from source. First, go to Google Search Console Dashboard and search for Crawl Errors…More at https://www.wpmyweb.com

9 Best WordPress 404 Page Plugins to Redirect and Log Errors

Are you afraid of errors on your WordPress platform? Well, most of the time, we do not like errors. But, sometimes these errors are useful in creating value for the visitor or the webmasters. One of the similar error is the 404.

The infamous 404 has a very vibrant history, and I guess you already know the meaning of the term 404 as you landed on this article. Today, we will list the best WordPress 404 error…More at https://85ideas.com

The 9 Best 404 Plugins for WordPress

Do you want to prevent your visitors seeing that annoying “Error 404” message while browsing your WordPress site?

If your users are looking for something in your blog, but the content does not exist (or they mistakenly type a URL that does not lead to any page), a 404 error page will be displayed…More at https://nopassiveincome.com

6 Best Free WordPress 404 Plugins

Dead, broken, or orphan pages usually affect user experience in any site. This can actually be frustrating and annoying, which can even cause users and visitors to leave the site and transfer to a new search result.

Thus, it is essential for you to take some time and conduct website maintenance if you want to improve the overall performance of your site…More at https://www.wpvirtuoso.com