Here Are the Tips You Need to Reduce CPU Usage in WordPress

December 19, 2018 524 views

A Collection of Articles About WordPress CPU Usage

I have included a collection of articles that will help you optimize WordPress so it doesn’t use too much CPU resources, but first, a few brief points to consider.

WordPress is a great CMS it’s my favorite content management program and I use it for A Touch of Business.com. If you don’t optimize your WordPress site, it can get very slow and use a lot of CPU power. This can take a lot of server resources which can cause slow loading pages and bad user experience.

A WordPress site can be slow due to a variety of issues, for example, a bloated unoptimized database, a plugin installed on your site, a theme, or a combination of these issues.

This post contains the resources that will help you optimize your site for speed and efficiency. You’ll be able to find those issues that are slowing down your site and using a lot of power.


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