FeedBurner Alternatives and What You Need to Know

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The blog was invented at the beginning of the century. Along with a blog came RSS (Really Simple Syndication) known as a feed. It is a convenient way to stay up to date with any new content produced by a blog as well as a notification process for search engines to know when new content was available.

Another nice feature is a Feed could be embedded into blogs to display your content. Blogs were state-of-the-art publishing and continue to work well today.

The RSS feed is displayed in a raw format, and unless you had a feed reader, you wouldn’t be able to make any sense of the content. Then came along utilities such as FeedBurner, which could be used to view the content in the feed, like a webpage. You could also use it to promote your blog feed. It allowed people that followed your feed to subscribe and get updates every time you create a new blog post. FeedBurner also provided statistics about your feed.

Unfortunately, Google, the company that owned FeedBurner, no longer supports it, and that tells you not to use it. Why would you build an audience with FeedBurner knowing one day the plug will be pulled.

Have a look at the selection of articles I have selected that will give you an overview of what’s available on the web that has similar functionality to FeedBurner.

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