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FeedBurner Alternatives

Our Review and Breakdown of Every Feedburner Alternative

Recently, we published a post about Feedburner, and all of the problems associated with it. You can read it here, but I’ll summarize the main points for you.

Since by now you’re probably convinced that you should move away from Feedburner, I’ve decided to compile a list of as many decent alternatives as I can find…More at http://blogpros.com

Stop Using FeedBurner – Move to FeedBurner Alternatives

In 2010, we wrote our popular step by step guide on how to setup FeedBurner. A little over a year ago, we decided to stop using FeedBurner for all of our sites.

Ever since we have received hundreds of questions about various FeedBurner bugs, issues, etc. In this article, we will talk about why you should avoid using FeedBurner.

If you’re already using it, then we will show you why you need to stop using FeedBurner, and how you can move to reliable FeedBurner alternatives…More at http://wpbeginner.com

Check out these 10 RSS alternatives to FeedBurner

When you decided to start a blog, you obviously wanted people to be able to easily get access to your posts.

An average user will probably stumble upon your site through search engines or social media and just take a look at one or maybe two pages. But what happens if that user decides to follow your blog on a regular basis?…More at http://firstsiteguide.com

The 16 Best Feedburner Alternatives

Let’s face it: Google will shut down Feedburner sooner or later. The hints are overwhelming:

Switching to a Feedburner alternative is therefore better done sooner than later. The question is: switch to what?

Below you find the best looking Feedburner alternatives (as of March 2018), based on my research. However, there is not one solution for all – it depends on what your needs are…More at http://feedburner-alternatives.com

6 Real FeedBurner Alternatives – RSS Feed Newsletter For Bloggers

It’s no secret that Feedburner is going away pretty soon, even if it doesn’t, Feedburner is very outdated.

What would happen if you lose all your Feedburner subscribers? or when they integrate it into Blogger Blogspot only? Don’t wait for a Google “Spring Cleaning” announcement…More at http://geckoandfly.com

7 Best FeedBurner Alternatives for your WordPress Website – 85ideas.com

Most of the websites accepted Feedburner during its inception time. And, why not? It offered tons of services for bloggers, such as RSS services, email to RSS, traffic analysis and monetizing feed via Google Adsense.

With its popularity rising, the search engine giants, Google decided to acquire Feedburner on June 3, 2007, and that was the end of the Feedburner…More at http://85ideas.com

Alternatives To Feedburner | 13 Tools

With the FeedBurner API scheduled for shutdown this month and AdSense for Feeds on its way out by the end of the year, it’s definitely time to consider other RSS feed management options.

That’s not good news for the hundreds of thousands of bloggers and potentially millions of subscribers relying on this service…More at http://crazyegg.com

15 Great FeedBurner Alternatives –

Launched in 2004, Feedburner quickly established itself as the de facto RSS service for all bloggers.

It provided traffic analysis, an email to RSS service, and built-in support for monetizing your feed via Google Adsense. Like most other bloggers, I used FeedBurner on all my blogs…More at http://kevinmuldoon.com

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