Here’s What You Need To Conduct A Google Analytics Audit

December 21, 2017 156 views

Image of a laptop displaying Google Analytics

A google analytics audit is a process that helps you ensure your website’s data is accurate and trustworthy. If the setup is incorrect your will receive inaccurate data.

I would say you’re better off having no analytic data than to have inaccurate data. With inaccurate data you’ll be making decisions that affect your marketing which can cost you a lot of time and money.

Have a look at the collection of web pages below that focus on Google Analytics Audits, how to ensure your setup is correct, and how to update an incorrect setup.

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Web Analytics Audit Checklist

I’m a fan of checklists and using a checklist for an analytics audit is a great way to fine-tune your site and ensure the data your using is reliable.

The resources I have chosen below contain an abundance of tips for auditing your site.

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