Here’s What You Need To Conduct A Google Analytics Audit

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Here’s a collection of pages dealing With Google Analytics Audits

20-Step Google Analytics Audit: Key To Improving Performance

A Google Analytics audit is one of the best ways to ensure that you can trust your data. You don’t want to use it, if you can’t trust it.

If you’re anything like me (a nerd), you could spend all your time buried in data. In an ideal world, it would be endless exploration, analysis, learning, and visualization…More at

Ultimate Google Analytics Audit Tool (100% Free)

At least 90% of the Google Analytics setups I have seen are broken. Learn how to greatly improve your Google Analytics configuration with my new Google Analytics audit tool.

First I want you to carefully read the sentence below.

“You lose customers because you can’t trust your Analytics data”.

Yes, it’s that simple. Collecting bad data results in bad business decisions…More at

Google Analytics Audit Checklist and Tools

One of the commonly used Statsbot integrations is Google Analytics, and we would like our users get the most out of their GA data.

Therefore, we’re opening this series of articles about advanced Google Analytics. Today, we asked Georgi Georgiev, Google Analytics & Google Adwords expert, to tell us about tips and tools of intelligent GA auditing.

If you are responsible for digital marketing or online UX, you know that data is your best friend…More at

Google Analytics Audit & Implementation

For Websites or Apps Knowing that something is wrong and knowing how to fix it are two different things. Without accurate measurement, digital marketing strategy becomes a shot in the dark. For a time, this can be tolerable, but you know that mis-configured Google Analytics leaves money on the table.

Our Google Analytics Audit & Implementation does more than identify problems; it fixes them. We’ll: Creating a clean implementation of Google Analytics could…More at

Analytics Audits

My Google Analytics Audits are comprehensive in their breadth and depth. I start with a checklist and follow the data wherever it takes me. With rare exception, I find something new in each audit I’ve never seen before. It’s not surprising though, given the flexibility Google Analytics allows for customizations.

Of course, with that flexibility comes a higher risk of making your data unreliable, even to the point of having to declare data bankrupt…More at