Understanding High Exit Pages and What You Can Do About It

January 17, 2018 388 views

High exit pages on your website refer to the pages where visitors leave your site the most.

Looking at an analytics report will help you identify your site’s high exit pages.

Once identified you can look deeper into the cause of people leaving that page. Exit pages are a useful metric that allows you to optimize your website and marketing.

Below, you’ll find articles I have selected for this section that provides information regarding high exit pages.

A Collection of Articles Related To High Exit Pages

Top Exit Page Analysis?

Identifying Drop-Off Points On Your Website with Google Analytics

Exit Rate vs Bounce Rate

An exit rate and bounce rate are two different metrics. Although they both deal with visitors leaving your site, each has a purpose.

A bounce rate is a measurement of how many people viewed only one page on your site. An exit rate is a measurement of how many people left a certain page.

The Difference between Bounce Rate and Exit Rate

Bounce Rate vs. Exit Rate?

Bounce Rate vs Exit Rate

Bounce Rate vs. Exit Rate: What’s the Difference?

How To Reduce Your Website’s Exit Rates

Once you have identified a high exit page, you can look for the cause.

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