Here’s How To Install A WordPress Theme Without Problems or Headaches

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How to Install WordPress Themes Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to install and activate themes on your WordPress site. Check out our WordPress themes gallery for many free designs that you can choose from!

Access install theme functionality in your WP admin
The first thing you need to do when you want to install a new WordPress theme is to login….More at

How to Install a WordPress Theme

In addition to the default theme included with your WordPress installation, you can also install your own WordPress theme to change the look and style of your site.

To manage your WordPress themes, expand the Appearance menu in the WordPress Dashboard…More at

Solving issues with WordPress theme installation

In order to use your WordPress theme, you need to upload and install the theme correctly and this process usually doesn’t take more than a few simple clicks in your WordPress dashboard.

In case you are having issues with the installation of your WordPress theme or if you don’t know where and how to install your theme in WordPress…More at

Theme Installation Errors

The Total theme should install without any errors, although on some occasions people to encounter errors so here are the most common errors and the solutions:

One of the most common reasons people have issues is because they try uploading the Full zip that includes sample data, documentation…More at

10 Common WordPress Theme Issues & How To Fix Them

There are thousands of forum posts opened every day not only on but also on other forums and of course nearly every theme developer’s support site regarding…More at