Here’s How To Install A WordPress Theme Without Problems

January 3, 2018 313 views

When I install a theme on my WordPress site, I had no problems. But there are certain steps to take to ensure your site doesn’t go down.

Below you’ll find a list of web pages that outline steps you’ll want to take when installing a new theme.

You can scan through these web pages before installing your theme to make sure you don’t run in to any problems.

A Selection of Pages Related to Installing a WordPress Theme

How to Install WordPress Themes Tutorial

How to Install a WordPress Theme

Solving issues with WordPress theme installation

Theme Installation Errors

10 Common WordPress Theme Issues & How To Fix Them

How To Install Theme In WordPress On Localhost

There are WordPress installations installed on a localhost. This installation is a private installation.

The web pages below outline the steps to take when installing a theme on a localhost.

WordPress Cherry 3.x. How to install a theme on localhost

How to install WordPress plugins and themes on localhost

What To Do Before Installing A New WordPress Theme

This section focuses on the steps you need to take before installing a WordPress theme. You will want to ensure you take precautions so that your site doesn’t go down or have problems.

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