Page Speed Test For Figuring Out What’s Slow

January 6, 2018 463 views

Page Speed Tests and Solutions for Slow Loading Pages

There is a variety of tests you can perform to determine the speed of a web page.

The load time for any web page is very important because a slow loading page will cause people to leave your site quickly. In the early days of the web, I remember waiting a few minutes for a page to load. Today if over five-seconds go by, the visitor is gone and off to the next site.

This post includes resources for testing the speed of your web pages and reducing page load times. Take the time to go through each page for tips that can make your site load quickly.

Website speed test

Website Speed and Performance Optimization

WebPagetest – Website Performance and Optimization Test

Website Speed Test – Uptrends

Pagespeed – The tool and optimization guide

Analyze and optimize your website, it’s easy!

How To Speed Up Your Website

In the section, you’ll find resources to help you speed up your website. One of the main optimization goals for website owners is to have pages that load instantaneously.

A slow-loading page can be due to several reasons including; bloated pages, poor coding, scripts running in the background, uncompressed images, etc.

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