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What Is Hotlinking And Why Is It Bad

Hotlinking — what’s that? – codeburst

We’ve all done it. You see an image you like on the internet and proceed to copy and paste the URL to your own website. Now every time someone visits your website, that image you copy-pasted loads up…

What is hotlinking and why you should stop doing it.

We’ve all done it. You see an image you like on the internet and proceed to copy and paste the URL to your own website…More at

Hotlinking Information Guide

Hotlinking occurs when another website directly links to your web site’s files, primarily images and/or videos.

When a person hotlinks one of your files they use the direct link for that file and in doing so use your server resources (bandwidth) to bring up that file every time it is accessed on their website.

In other words, imagine you are paying the electricity bill for you house and a neighbor starts plugging in their appliances into your sockets…More at

Hotlinking: What it is and why it’s bad to do it without permission

An example is if you see a picture on Awesomely Luvvie and you’re like “OOOO I wanna use it on my site.”

So instead of pressing save and then uploading it, you just put the html code so it can show up on your site.

Unless a website explicitly gives you permission to do this (by serving up an embed code), that is considered stealing…More at

Hotlinking: What Is It, And Why Is It Bad? | TurboFuture

So, you’ve found a great graphic on a clip art website, or you’ve found a Creative Commons graphic that’s perfect for your needs.

You’ve made sure you’re allowed to use it, and in return, you’ve given the original artist or photographer credit and a link back.

Feeling proud about being a responsible webizen, you copy the image’s URL and paste it into a tag on your page…More at

Hotlinking – What Is Hot Linking, And Why Is It Bad?

I got an email from a webmaster, complaining because I was “hotlinking”. What does that mean? Is it a big deal? Because this guy seemed pretty upset about it.

As for what it means, hotlinking (also known as direct linking) is when you add an image file or a video file to your own website – only instead of uploading the image to your server, you just link it in from another website.

Here’s an example. On my website The Problem Site there is a Hangman game. This game (obviously) has “gallows” images…More at