Here’s How You Can Check Visitor Statistics Right From WordPress

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A Collection of Web Pages For Viewing WordPress Stats From Your Dashboard

How to track Visitor Statistics in WordPress

Google Analytics is usually considered the standard for site statistic and analytics.

However, it’s just one option out of many.

Here are five different ways to track your site’s stats—and details on just how easy it is to install Google Analytics in a self-hosted WordPress site…More at

How to Track Page Views & Statistics in WordPress

Sometimes people moving from Blogger to WordPress can be confused about how to track page views.

Blogger has a built-in page view counter (it’s highly inaccurate, but that’s not the point..) but WordPress does not…More at

WP-Statistics – Complete statistics for your WordPress site!

Input your search keywords and press Enter. This plugin gives you the complete information on your website’s visitors.

By installing just a few clicks you can have the best statistics plugin on WordPress…More at

Setting Up Visitor Stats for Your Blog · The Blog Starter

While there’s no end to the plugins available for self-hosted WordPress blogs which track and display various stats,

using the Jetpack Stats feature via the Jetpack plugin is one of the easiest and most convenient methods…More at

How to Check How Much Traffic My WordPress Blog Gets

Keeping an eye on traffic and visitor activity helps you plan your content and manage your marketing strategy.

In a WordPress blog, you can monitor traffic by installing a plugin from the “Add New …More at