What Is Google AdSense? Here Are The Answers

January 24, 2018 493 views

All You Need To Know About Google AdSense

This page contains a collection of web pages I have selected to give you an overall understanding of Google AdSense.

Here are a few points before you look at the collection of articles further down the post.

Google AdSense is a very popular monetization program on the web. I have used it for years, and even though you only get a few cents to a few bucks per click, it’s a way to add automated revenue to your website.

Even though Google takes a large portion of the advertising revenue generated from your website, keep in mind Google is the one finding the customers, Google is the one getting payment from the customers and Google is the one that optimizes the ads on your site.

In my book, that’s a pretty good deal; Google takes care of almost everything. All you need to do is create quality content, place the AdSense code on your website, and Google does the rest.


Below You’ll find a variety of hand-picked articles a great collection of resources to keep on hand.


Learn How AdSense Works

Why AdSense?

How does Google Adsense Work

How Does AdSense Work?

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