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A Collection of Web Pages About WordPress Alternatives

WordPress Competitors – 16 Popular Alternatives to WordPress

WordPress is popular, and we love it, but it is not the only publishing platform. There are WordPress alternatives that you can use to build your website.

Recently one of our readers asked us to write about WordPress competitors. In this article, we will show you 16 popular alternatives to WordPress…More at

10 Best WordPress Alternatives 2019 – Blogging, CMS, Site Builder

WordPress, one of the leading platforms for websites, blogs and online shops has been the choice of millions all over the world.

And why not?

It offers tons of amazing features at your disposal. It is powerful, flexible and enables the user to own a piece of the internet, that is your very own website…More at

WordPress Alternatives | 9 Website Builder Options You Should See

We’re guessing you found this discussion because you’re looking for some alternatives to WordPress.

Maybe you just want to better understand the choices available to you when looking to build your own website, or maybe you’ve grown frustrated with learning how to use WordPress (it does have a steeper learning curve, after all)…More at

Meet Ghost – The Simple Alternative to WordPress

You can also check in at our forum if you’d like to chat to some other Ghost users.

If you’re sick of wading through menus and navigating complex options that you never use, we’ve got news for you…More at

The Most Popular Alternatives to WordPress – Compared

In this post, we’ll be comparing the 14 most popular alternatives to WordPress available — covering general website building tools, content management systems, website management platforms and e-commerce platforms…More at

3 Best WordPress Alternatives For Serious Business Owners

We have all fallen in love with WordPress over the past decade, but there are some seriously legitimate competitors that give it a run for its money.

Since most of these competitors focus on certain types of websites only, it ensures a more optimal performance compared to WordPress’ all-in-one strategy.

One of the biggest reasons for a poorly performing WordPress website is a faulty theme or plugin. Some website owners simply install countless plugins, which can cause the entire website to come to a crawl…More at

Best WordPress Alternatives for 2019: Which one to use?

There are millions of WordPress fans out there. And little wonder: it boasts a great variety of themes and plugins, is flexible, and very easy to use.

However, the free Open Source platform is not for everyone as it also comes with some disadvantages.

In this article I will take a look at situations where WordPress may not be the ideal solution, and suggest some alternative tools…More at

12 Alternatives to WordPress (And Why You Might Want to Use One) | Elegant Themes Blog

Generally, you’ll find more complicated alternatives in the content management systems category and more simple solutions in the hosted website builders and blogging platforms sections.

Let’s dive in!…More at

The Top 15 WordPress Alternatives for 2019

The good news is that there’s a wide array of quality WordPress alternatives to choose from. In this article, we’ll explore 15 of the best alternative platforms to WordPress, starting with:

We’ll discuss their respective strengths, explore what types of sites they’re best suited for, and talk about their pricing options…More at

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