Here Are Resources To Check The Readability of Your WordPress Posts

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A Collection of Web Pages About The Readability of Your WordPress Posts

Easy Reading: Using Readability Scores in WordPress

Do you care if people read what you write? That’s one of those questions that defies the “no stupid question” maxim, isn’t it?

You wouldn’t be writing on the web if you didn’t want to share what you have to say with others…More at

How to Measure and Improve the Readability of your WordPress Site

Readability has been studied since the 1880s. It’s long been known that writing that is closer to how we speak is easier to understand.

Extensive research in the first half of the twentieth century has proved that clearer, simpler writing leads to greater readership…More at

How to Add and Improve Readability Score in WordPress Posts

Readability tests typically consider the number of sentences per paragraph, number of words used in a paragraph, and total syllables.

The Fog and Kincaid reading scores show the years of education required to read the passage as their score…More at

Readability for SEO: Online Readability Calculators

Did you know that the way your blog is written is an integral part of on-page SEO? Did you also know that there is something called Readability SEO?

For those who are not aware, “readability” is one of those signals which Google uses for ranking your site. A poor readability level is something I suggest you always avoid…More at

Readability Score: What It Is, Why It’s Important, & How to Get a Good One on Every Post

If you’re like most people on the Internet, you’re not going to read this post word-by-word.

In fact, as little as 16% of people actually read content word-by-word. Yoast SEO’s readability score is, in part, a response to that data…More at

Improving Your WordPress Website’s Readability

Anyone who produces web content on a regular basis knows that content is king.

And while that is certainly true, it is questionable how many writers actually put any thought into whether their readers can actually understand the content….More at