Here Are the Best Ways to Optimize Your WordPress Database

September 11, 2018 637 views

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This post contains resources, tips, and insights, to help you optimize your WordPress database. Your database is where all your website data is stored, other than your images, themes, and plugins.

If you have thousands of posts on your site, your database can become sluggish if you don’t optimize it.

I optimize my WordPress database at least once or twice a week. I use a plugin that makes the optimization process simple.

The plugin also has the option to optimize the database on a schedule. I like to look at the issues that require optimization and opt to complete it manually rather than on an automated schedule because I like to keep an eye on how bloated my database becomes.

Database optimization is something you’ll want to do regularly to keep your WordPress site operating at optimal levels.

Have a look at the sections below for tips and insights on optimizing your WordPress database.

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