Here Are The Best Ways To Optimize Your WordPress Database

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How to Optimize Your WordPress Database with One Click

If you have been using WordPress for a while, then there is probably a lot of useless data in your database such as post revisions, spam comments, trash, transient options, orphaned meta data, and so on…More at

How to optimize and repair MySQL databases using phpMyAdmin

This article describes how to optimize and repair MySQL databases using phpMyAdmin.

Databases have the potential to grow very large, particularly on sites that receive a lot of traffic or have a large amount of content.

In such cases, periodic database optimization may help improve web site performance…More at

How to optimize a MySQL database using phpMyAdmin?

It is always a good idea to keep your databases’ tables optimized. Fortunately, making this optimization is quite easy when using the phpMyAdmin tool avail…More at

Optimize WordPress Database Queries

Finding and Fixing Slow WordPress Database Queries | CSS-Tricks

Finding the source of slow queries involves 2 steps:

Let’s look at two plugins and one SaaS that can help us find slow queries.

Query Monitor is a plugin that provides a ton of information about the current page. In addition to a whole bunch of information about the internal workings of WordPress, it gives a detailed breakdown of…More at

8 SQL Queries Not Found In Plugins To Reduce WordPress Database Size

How to reduce WordPress database size for performance?

There are 2 ways to clean and optimize your WordPress MySQL Database.

Plugin is the preferred choice due to the simplicity of a click of a button. WP-Optimize is an effective tool for automatically cleaning your WordPress database so that it runs at maximum efficiency…More at

WordPress Optimization Plugins

12+ Best WordPress Plugins to Cleanup and Optimize Database and Improve Performance

It is important & necessary to optimizing your WordPress database. Because things like post revisions, old spam comments can pile up over the time.

Also many times the deleted plugins leave behind the unnecessary tables in WordPress databases. This results in a untidy database…More at

Best plugins to clean up and optimize WordPress database and tables

Before you can even install WordPress, you will have to create a database (or software will do to that for you if you’re installing WP from cPanel, for example).

By default, WordPress needs eleven tables in that database to store viable parts of your future posts, taxonomies, users, comments, etc…More at

We Tested 3 WordPress Database Maintenance Plugins: Our Results

Let’s compare 3 WordPress database maintenance plugins to find out!

Your database is one of the most crucial components of your WordPress website.

It’s where all your posts, revisions, and lots of other critical information are stored, so keeping it running in top shape is vital…More at

7 Best & Free WordPress Database Optimization Plugins To Speed Up Your Sites | WP Missing

Your WordPress site is getting slower and slower as you have too many posts or are running lots of plugins?

You may already know that Page Speed is confirmed as a critical ranking factor in today’s search engine optimization especially for mobile searches…More at

15 WordPress Speed Optimization Plugins (Got Me .2s Load Times)

A comprehensive list of WordPress speed optimization plugins which helped me get 100% scores in both Pingdom and GTmetrix.

Need a solid list of WordPress speed optimization plugins to make your site faster?

Boy do I have the list for YOU. Cache plugins, image compression, lazy load and more.

I use at least 1/2 these on my own site and have used them to make other websites load 400% faster. Yes, I do WordPress speed optimization and SEO for a living so I’m pretty much a nerd about it…More at

5 Amazing Plugins For WordPress Site Optimization | WP Engine

This week we inspect several plugins that can help optimize your site for improved performance.

Whether it be lightening up your database or stripping images of unneeded metadata, these plugins can assist with WordPress site optimization to make your web pages run faster than before…More at