Top WordPress Sitemap Plugins You’ll Want To Consider

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The Best WordPress Sitemap Plugins of 2018 [Plus Submission Guide]

Want the best XML sitemap for your WordPress website? Look no further! We listed the top plugins, dive into sitemap protocol markup and we explain [with pictures] and how to submit your sitemap to both Google and Bing.

Back in the old days (the early 2000s), you may recall the popular sitemap link located in the footer of your favorite websites. In most cases, it opened an HTML page that listed all the pages of the website…More at

The 7 Best WordPress Sitemap Plugins for Busy Site Owners | Elegant Themes Blog

Sitemaps are a key part of overall SEO strategy. Here we look at 7 of the best WordPress sitemap plugins available.

Before we hit the list, though, let’s get some basics out of the way.

If you’re coming to the subject of sitemaps for the first time, their value might not be immediately obvious…More at

Best WordPress sitemap plugins and their list for websites

Best WordPress sitemap plugins and their list has been discussed in this article so that it becomes easier for people to add sitemap on their websites.

There are certain SEO tools and elements that every digital product in the form of website or blog should contain in order to generate search engine – optimized performance.

As for today’s reality, it is of utmost importance to establish perfect communication with search engines and become more visible and accessible for the public at large…More at

Which Is The Best Sitemap Plugin for Your WordPress Blog

A Sitemap file helps search engine to find all your content. Find the best WordPress sitemap plugin for your blog to use it right now

Sitemap of your blog is one of an essential element and the first step for making your blog search engine friendly.

Sitemap file contains links to all the posts, pages of your blog and you can submit the file to Google Webmaster tool, Bing webmaster tool to help search engine crawl & index your site effectively…More at