How to Make Friends at the Work Without Sacrificing Your Job

May 31, 2018 552 views

Making Friends at Work

In this post, you’ll find a variety of expert tips, articles, and resources related to friendships at work. but first, a few brief points to go over.

It’s nice to have friends at work. But becoming too friendly can have adverse effects on your job. You want to make sure you have a balance between friendships and work, and you don’t want to cross any lines

Understand the Difference

There is a difference between a friendship and a work relationship. If you cross the line, you could jeopardize your job as well as your friend’s job.

Create Boundaries

You and your friends need to know there are boundaries. You can’t jeopardize your work values for friendship. If your friend is wrong about something at work, will you take sides?

Don’t Get Too Cozy

If you get too friendly at work, your boss will take notice and may keep a close eye on you and your friend to make sure this friendship doesn’t interfere with your work.

Is It a Good Idea to Make Friends at Work?

Having friends at work make work a better place for you. After all, you spend a third of your day at work.

As long as you manage the relationship in a way that doesn’t interfere with your job, then I think friendships at work are healthy. You can have as many friends outside of work, and you are free to do as you wish, but relationships at work should be dealt with carefully.


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