Resources To Make Friends At The Office Without Sacrificing Your Job

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A Collection of Web Pages About Making Friends At Work For The Right Reasons

The secret to making friends at work – Business Insider

Loners, take note. There is a way to make real friends at work.

According to relationship researchers, for two people to deeply connect, it’s not enough to just talk shop —

both people need to share intimate details about themselves.

And as the relationship grows, the level of self-disclosure also needs to grow…More at

12 Ways to Make Friends at Work – The Muse

While making friends at the office comes easily to some people, others struggle.

So, how can you develop positive relationships with your co-workers…More at

10 Ways Even Introverts Can Make Friends at Work

For some, making friends isn’t easy. Being social isn’t easy. Some of us are more introverted than extroverted.

Myself, I have driven both Uber and Lyft, and I’ve found that one suited me better because I tend to be more introverted…More at

15 Easy Ways To Make Friends In Your First Week On The Job

Having friends at work is important (just read this article to understand why)–and chances are you chose this new role in the hopes of getting along with your teammates

–but who has time to think about that when there’s already so much on your plate…More at

7 Reasons Why You Need To Make Friends At Work

Waking up for work can already be a bummer. Want a simple way to make it easier? You need to make friends at work, and here are the reasons why.

A lot of employers might think that their employees being friends will cut down on actual work being done..More at

8 Quick Steps To Making Friends At Work – Get The Friends You Want

The same rules of friendship apply here, but there are some differences that are worth keeping in mind.

To make friends at work, you need to be subtle about how to go from a formal relationship to a relaxed one.

Let’s explore a quick 8 step process of turning a co worker into a friend…More at

Why having friends at work will make you a better employee

If you don’t like the people you work with, odds are you also don’t like your job.

Sometimes, that’s out of your control, but if your other coworkers are getting along, what’s keeping you from making a friend or two?

Managing to be happy at your job is not only good for your company’s bottom line, but you also become a more engaged worker, according to Gallup’s 2017

“State of the American Workplace” report…More at

Having Work Friends Can Be Tricky, but It’s Worth It

Nonetheless, the reality is that most of us don’t have close friends at work.

There are real entanglements that can arise when the boundaries between work and friendship become blurred…More at